For Africa’s Rise, All Hands Must Be On Deck: Both At Home and Abroad

The team behind the African Youth Gala are young people of African heritage, presently residing in the UK. For nation and continent building, all hands must be on deck, both those at home and those abroad. In my analysis, these ones (the team behind AYG) never left home; for their hearts remained and are valiantly fighting for the restructuring process of our country. The organisers have observed the trends in the continent – McKinsey and Co recently stating that Africa is home to some of the fastest growing economies in the world. However, like CreativityTurf, the AYG team have noticed that, the youth need to guard our fledgling growth. For this reason, events such as the African Youth Gala, which advance the contribution of the youth, are enthusiastically supported by us at the creativity turf.