How Being Tech Savvy Is Altering Our Culture In Nigeria

By Jennifer Ehiadiamen: Last month, I urgently needed a book from Laterna, a bookstore in Lagos. In the past, I would have gone to their website and placed an order. But that would have meant them calling me to confirm my purchase — since my voice was still cracked, I didn’t want to speak over the phone….

Our Corruption Mindset

By Gideon Oladepo: Mainstream media and the social medial are awash with the news and discussions on the present federal government’s fight against corruption. The justification for the fight or otherwise, has pitched Nigerians against one another: those for and those against, even if such opposition is veiled in one form of the criticism of…

Lagos’ “Ultra Modern” Fad and its Impact on the Informal Sector

The Lagos State government on Wednesday  morning demolished the popular Oshodi Market. Steve Ayorinde, the State Commissioner of Information, said shutting the market would enable the state commence the transformation of the Oshodi Market bus stop to an ultra-modern bus terminal. Lagos is aiming to become an urban mega city, and with this comes the…

Redefining Nigeria in 2016: The Mentality

There is a mentality in Nigeria. The mentality is expressed in the view that; with the right amount of money, you can substitute a Nigerian reality mired in challenges, with a stress free vacuumed off one. An example of an excess of this mentality is exemplified by the Sambo Dasuki saga. The ‘trial by media’…

On Management and Managing in Nigeria

I find that some Nigerian managers do not distinguish between managing and management . They are both the same yes, but when you are overworked and overtasked you are ‘managing’ a situation and it’s your managers job to make sure you are properly managed so you do not ‘manage’ the situation anymore.

Understanding Business On The Streets of Lagos

It was almost impossible for us to tax the market women or should I say the informal sector on any transaction let alone profit. Many of them said they could not even write; talk less of keeping book records. I mean Nigeria is a cash-based economy; most of them didn’t even have a bank account.