Next Chapter: My Five Year Battle To Set Up A Cell Phone Business.(Part 1)

The Strive Masiyiwa Series ||

The investment from the IFC had taken me to a completely different level. For the first time, I had real EQUITY in the business and I was not just relying on bank LOANS.

I had to meet tight conditions on how I conducted every aspect of the business. I now had a “boss” again; they were called the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, experienced businessmen and women who took their job very seriously.

Kiva’s CEO and Co-Founder Matt Flannery Story, To Inspire You

I suspect a good number of people might not know Kiva or even heard about them, I didn’t know much about them till I was about to start my PhD in social entrepreneurship, and ever since then we at CreativityTurf have sort of monitored their progress. We love many things at CreativityTurf and Kiva is…