Hacking Life’s Lemon Into Lemonade

By Lady Mofe: Have you ever felt so pushed down you couldn’t imagine the circumstances getting any worse? How you ever watched a sunny day transform to a thunderstorm while you were still dancing in the meadows? Has life so happened to you, you just wanted to say enough and give in? Yet in all the…

Meet Mariama Toure – the Senegalese Dancing Diya

By Furaha Asani || In her own words… My name is Mariama Touré. I am a passionate 26-year-old African woman. I am a political journalist and communication specialist as that’s what I have studied. Since I was a kid I’ve always been into arts, culture and entertainment through writing, singing, rapping, hosting shows and most of…

Why Netflix Won’t Kill TV

As much as we might like to romanticise about how digital media products and services bring “disruption” and upset traditional models of running everyday life as-we-know it, I’m here to say that Neflix and other screen streaming services will not be killing the Television anytime soon.

The Shortcomings of the App-Mentality

With 1645 billionaires in the world today and an increasing number of them joining the Three Comma Club through applications such as WhatsApp, Snapchat and so on, one can see the appeal of making the next big app.

The formula is simple. Make an Application. People use it. You (and your team) get rich.

The Curious Case of Adele

By Ojie Imoloame:   I sat in my hotel room yesterday after a long day of work and an evening of all the aqua delights that Abuja has to offer. Then I saw the headlines ‘Adele’s ’25’ Shatters Records’. Billboard is reporting that according to Nielsen Music, Adele’s ’25’ has sold over 3 million units…

A Life Adventured: The migrant/refugee

In the current migration and refugee crisis, is scale trumping humanity?

Something about the way the story of the ongoing epic migration and refugee crisis is being told perturbs. Scale trumps humanity. Overwhelmingly, the focus is on the sheer girth and amplitude of the crisis.