Innovation are rarely (if ever) the product of a single individual

At CT we constantly and tirelessly preach “Sharing Ideas & Innovation”, and we were super glad to come across this research work by Dr Michael Muthukrishna and Joseph Henrich Here are a few quotes from the article: We grow up learning about great inventions and scientific discoveries in history. These “lone geniuses” changed history through their…

Exclusive interview with Cobhams

In life …be sure that you have talent, because a lot of people have passion and want to do this, but don’t necessarily have the prerequisite talent – and so you are just sort of running in the wrong direction.

Unbundling or Restructuring: Much Ado about Nothing

By Olatunji Oginni Since the Minister of State for Petroleum and Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation announced the plan to unbundle the NNPC there have been numerous comments and critiques trailing the plan. Firstly, the members of both the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) and the Petroleum and…

Film Review | Coming to America‏

This movie is one of the few Hollywood releases where the narrative of Africa as a dark continent is conspicuously absent! There was no reference to diseases, war, or poverty; in fact, it was quite the opposite.

Lagos’ “Ultra Modern” Fad and its Impact on the Informal Sector

The Lagos State government on Wednesday  morning demolished the popular Oshodi Market. Steve Ayorinde, the State Commissioner of Information, said shutting the market would enable the state commence the transformation of the Oshodi Market bus stop to an ultra-modern bus terminal. Lagos is aiming to become an urban mega city, and with this comes the…