The Shortcomings of the App-Mentality

With 1645 billionaires in the world today and an increasing number of them joining the Three Comma Club through applications such as WhatsApp, Snapchat and so on, one can see the appeal of making the next big app.

The formula is simple. Make an Application. People use it. You (and your team) get rich.

10 Steps in Starting a Business: Lessons from the Informal Sector in Uganda

A few months ago in the summer, I decided to leave England to do some consulting work in Africa. Most people go to Nigeria, Kenya or Ghana; and so I decided to go for something different even though I am Nigerian. In order to get a different perspective. I’ll be sharing a few of my experiences.

Learning From Nigeria’s Golden Eaglets

Today, I joined with other Nigerians to celebrate the success of Nigeria’s u-17 team, at the just concluded u-17 World Cup in Chile. On the way to the finals, ‘our boys’ recorded great victories – most notably the defeat of perennial heavyweights: Brazil. Our boys did us proud, their scintillating football, warming them into the…

For Africa’s Rise, All Hands Must Be On Deck: Both At Home and Abroad

The team behind the African Youth Gala are young people of African heritage, presently residing in the UK. For nation and continent building, all hands must be on deck, both those at home and those abroad. In my analysis, these ones (the team behind AYG) never left home; for their hearts remained and are valiantly fighting for the restructuring process of our country. The organisers have observed the trends in the continent – McKinsey and Co recently stating that Africa is home to some of the fastest growing economies in the world. However, like CreativityTurf, the AYG team have noticed that, the youth need to guard our fledgling growth. For this reason, events such as the African Youth Gala, which advance the contribution of the youth, are enthusiastically supported by us at the creativity turf.

Pushing against ‘Impossible’: Mayowa’s Final Push

Many young people are burdened by big dreams. Burdened because, life tends to give reasons why big dreams are not practicable. For this reason, when Nike tells us that ‘impossible is nothing’, we would rather listen to circumstances that affirm otherwise. You see, I too have sacrificed several dreams at the altar of rationalism. Against…

Linda Ikeji: Anything is possible

By Ojie Imoloame As I sit down in my car en route to work in traffic, I glance through the images of Miss Ikeji‎ sharing the wonderful news of her recent Real Estate acquisition in Nigeria’s most desired neighborhood – Banana Island. I feel only joy for her. Linda belongs to a group of people…