Choose Your Glasses | Choose Your Cause: Wild Soul’s Business Model

The future is shaping more towards socially sustainable business, which is my own meaning of social entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs now setup businesses with a social model, Marc Battipaglia and Andres Beker are one of those. They founded Wild Soul a luxury sunglasses brand that promises t o donate $5 to charity for every pair sold. The brand’s website…

Next Chapter: My Five Year Battle To Set Up A Cell Phone Business.(Part 1)

The Strive Masiyiwa Series ||

The investment from the IFC had taken me to a completely different level. For the first time, I had real EQUITY in the business and I was not just relying on bank LOANS.

I had to meet tight conditions on how I conducted every aspect of the business. I now had a “boss” again; they were called the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, experienced businessmen and women who took their job very seriously.

I Walked Away From Google And Halved My Salary

Last year, I was spraying champagne in Las Vegas with 10,000 other Googlers. Today, I’m shivering in a lock-up garage in Staines. Here are nine reasons it was the best decision I ever made

is 2014 the year Platinum album dies?

As seen in The Guardian 2014 is expected to become the first year in modern history where no artist has sold more than 1m albums in the US. Although the past 12 months have seen massive sales for Disney’s Frozen soundtrack, no other record has earned the equivalent of a platinum sales certificate from sales…