Life is an interesting journey you never know where it will take you, but you can influence that. Just make sure at the end of the road, you get to where you want to be. Today with you, we begin a journey towards making this world a better place, making me and you, a better person. Not that we have been bad people, but we have come to the realization, that with you we can only achieve more and make greater impact in this world.

Ideas and Innovation change the world. In us lies tonnes of ideas, ideas that are worth sharing. This ideas can impact a few, or could impact a multitude. Ideas don’t just happen, they take a while to evolve. They start as a glimpse of thought that flashes in your mind. And your thoughts needs to connect with other people’s thoughts to be fully formed. The internet makes it easier than ever before, to connect with other people’s ideas which encourages greater ideas and innovation.

At CreativityTurf we are creating a space where ideas could mingle, swap and thereby evolve into new forms. Take that bold step today, that idea in you could change the lives of others and this can only be made possible by your engagement and your enthusiasm.

We are

Pneuma Parakletos: Inspired the idea. And the unseen hand behind the scene ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Adeolu Adesanya: I share the opinion of an enterprising mind. I’m Christian. I believe ideas and innovation change the world. I’m a research consultant and also a PhD researcher in entrepreneurship at the University of Leicester. 

I hope to use this medium to share my ideas and explore matters i’m passionate about which are: business and innovation.

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