Innovation are rarely (if ever) the product of a single individual

At CT we constantly and tirelessly preach “Sharing Ideas & Innovation”, and we were super glad to come across this research work by Dr Michael Muthukrishna and Joseph Henrich Here are a few quotes from the article: We grow up learning about great inventions and scientific discoveries in history. These “lone geniuses” changed history through their…

Unbundling or Restructuring: Much Ado about Nothing

By Olatunji Oginni Since the Minister of State for Petroleum and Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation announced the plan to unbundle the NNPC there have been numerous comments and critiques trailing the plan. Firstly, the members of both the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) and the Petroleum and…

On Management and Managing in Nigeria

I find that some Nigerian managers do not distinguish between managing and management . They are both the same yes, but when you are overworked and overtasked you are ‘managing’ a situation and it’s your managers job to make sure you are properly managed so you do not ‘manage’ the situation anymore.

Understanding Business On The Streets of Lagos

It was almost impossible for us to tax the market women or should I say the informal sector on any transaction let alone profit. Many of them said they could not even write; talk less of keeping book records. I mean Nigeria is a cash-based economy; most of them didn’t even have a bank account.

Why Netflix Won’t Kill TV

As much as we might like to romanticise about how digital media products and services bring “disruption” and upset traditional models of running everyday life as-we-know it, I’m here to say that Neflix and other screen streaming services will not be killing the Television anytime soon.