I Think the Liberals Are Letting Us Down

I am bombarded all over by what the liberals think is right, they are sometimes focusing on unnecessary information just to down play the arguments, not giving the conservatives enough room for us to hear them articulate their position and allow we the populace intelligently take it apart.

Innovation are rarely (if ever) the product of a single individual

At CT we constantly and tirelessly preach “Sharing Ideas & Innovation”, and we were super glad to come across this research work by Dr Michael Muthukrishna and Joseph Henrich Here are a few quotes from the article: We grow up learning about great inventions and scientific discoveries in history. These “lone geniuses” changed history through their…

Exclusive interview with Cobhams

In life …be sure that you have talent, because a lot of people have passion and want to do this, but don’t necessarily have the prerequisite talent – and so you are just sort of running in the wrong direction.

Lessons From Fuel Queues: The Gap

When you are bullied by reality to accept anomalies as norm, you will begin to blur the distinction. In Nigeria today, we have become used to the fuel scarcity situation – spending 30 minutes on a fuel queue is now a blessing, a blessing we testify about in church services. While speaking to a foreign…

Professionals – Let our white be white and our black black

By Gideon Oladepo: I am a professional: a chartered accountant. Our motto in the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) is ‘accuracy and integrity’. These two virtues are expected to guide every genuine accountant in Nigeria. Personally, this was one of the reasons I chose the profession even when I was a teenager. But…