Life is an interesting journey you never know where it will take you, but you can influence that. Just make sure at the end of the road, you get to where you want to be. Today with you, we begin a journey towards making this world a better place, making me and you, a better person. Not that we have been bad people, but we have come to the realization, that with you we can only achieve more and make greater impact in this world.

Ideas and Innovation change the world. In us lies tonnes of ideas, ideas that are worth sharing. This ideas can impact a few, or could impact a multitude. Ideas don’t just happen, they take a while to evolve. They start as a glimpse of thought that flashes in your mind. And your thoughts needs to connect with other people’s thoughts to be fully formed. The internet makes it easier than ever before, to connect with other people’s ideas which encourages greater ideas and innovation.

At CreativityTurf we are creating a space where ideas could mingle, swap and thereby evolve into new forms. Take that bold step today, that idea in you could change the lives of others and this can only be made possible by your engagement and your enthusiasm.

Also, are you a young entrepreneur or a creative mind with an interesting story of success (or failure)? If yes, then share with us. Kindly send an email to

We are:

Pneuma Parakletos: Inspired the idea. And the unseen hand behind the scene ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Adeolu Adesanya: is a Doctoral Researcher in Innovation Economics at the University of Leicester. He currently serves as the Head of Research at the Innovation Institute UK, and has worked with the National Grid, UK’s largest utility. As a reflection of his focus on finding a solution to the slow rate of economic and sustainable development in developing countries he has been selected to speak at, The LSE Africa Summit 2015, University of Warwick’s Centre for Cultural Policy Studies: Researching Contemporary Culture in Africa 2015, CT Nigeria’s Next Chapter 2013. He has also served as panellist on several discussions on investment and infrastructural funding in Sub-Saharan Africa. Adeolu has conducted research on Fixed Income Markets with a Sub-Saharan Africa Markets focus for investment boutique firms in London, authorized by the PRA and regulated by the FCA that caters to institutional clients. I’m ChristianContact email:

Ojie Imoloame: Put Simply, I am a dreamer, a pure dreamer and my aim is to get my dreams to reality. I am fascinated by the idea and concept of creativity and innovation and my aim is to use the space to share my fascination with you. Call me crazy, but I believe we can do or be anything we want to be, if we just set our mind to it and dare to be different and make a mark!
Role: Editor || Contact:

Mitchell Aghatise: I have no time for trepid writing. For the pen to be truly mightier than the sword, it is not enough to merely exist in our spaces. We must write to make our societies better, by spotting areas in which we can add value.

It is not enough to spot the areas where value can be added, I strive to also propose solutions, or spark the conversations that will culminate in water-tight solutions. It is not enough to have solutions bottled up, they must be shared as widely as possible, peradventure, they find their ways to willing laps – willing hands, which will take up the gauntlet and charge forward to execute.

For this reason, I write.

Role: Editor

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