I Think the Liberals Are Letting Us Down

Before I continue. I must state that, I am neither a liberal or a conservative nor centre right or centre left. I sway to where is most reasonable, where the argument is the strongest. Maybe you can call me a neutral, I honed my ideology from a Critical Thinking school, where you just do not chose a side without weighing the arguments.

What I can observe is that the liberals are not allowing room for argument. When it was the liberals to defend their corner, they told the rest how best to go about it: To argue it out at conferences and debates, to conduct peaceful protest, most importantly for an unbiased airing of both sides of the argument. Alas, now that we have a situation where the liberals are the ones fighting for the corner and this time not defending it; the liberals are not giving neutrals like me the chance to hear the arguments. I cannot readily hear/read the arguments of the conservatives; I have to go dig for it.

I am bombarded all over by what the liberals think is right, they are sometimes focusing on unnecessary information just to down play the arguments, not giving the conservatives enough room for us to hear them articulate their position and allow we the populace intelligently take it apart.

Liberals are exhibiting intolerance.

Maybe this takes us to something entirely different. The characteristics of individuals when one is attacking the corner vs when defending it.

Back to the point, I genuinely think the liberals should give us the chance to HEAR both sides of the arguments and let the populace chose a side, rather than they influencing a groupthink. CIVILLY DEBATE WITH CREDIBLE FACTS! (not alternative facts or biased facts but like-for-like facts). We want to hear counters of rational argument.

Unless this happens, the current approach being used by the liberals will only influence a groupthink which in the long run, would be disastrous for us all; for the liberals, the conservatives, the neutrals and everyone in between. Then the possible failure of the conservative policies would not have been the fault of the conservatives, although they had their part to play, but it would be mainly the fault of the liberals for their show of intolerance.

“Mainstream liberalism that is unwelcoming of dissent”

Just to drop this here:

More Americans support Donald Trump’s travel ban than oppose it, poll shows

Almost half of Brits think the Trump state visit should go ahead

Exclusive: A third of Americans think Trump’s travel ban will make them safer


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