Why People Do Not Achieve Their Goals: Countless Ideas – No Venture

There are people that have tonnes of ideas, they can easily spot how to improve a process or system. But with all these, they have still not taken action.

When they share their idea; people are thrilled at the brilliance and what it can achieve. However, with all these myriads of ideas and its possibilities, none has been actioned.

The biggest mistake a lot of people make in setting goals for themselves or bringing that idea to reality, is that they focus only on the outcome, not the process.

One way to go about this is the minimalist approach – The first easy/simple step. Individuals should learn to break the goal, into steps and process and then take easy steps and focus on these steps rather than the outcome. This could either be by just writing the idea down (I find it surprising the number of people that have not written down their ideas.) Then from there, the next easiest step will be taken on.

This approach is great because, it psychologically helps the mind. Remembering that the mind is key for the achievement of any goal, the “little wins” helps boost the psyche.

maxresdefault (1)

For example, you have this desire of making an animation; First, write down the idea, then note what the process involved in producing an animation. Then start putting together the storyline or themes you would like to explore, before long, you would have started on your journey towards achieving your goals and you’ll get more excited as the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

Do you have any goal you want to achieve?

  • Write it down
  • List the processes involved in achieving it
  • Focus on achieving the first/simplest step
  • Then go on to the next step.

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