Hacking Life’s Lemon Into Lemonade

By Lady Mofe:

Have you ever felt so pushed down you couldn’t imagine the circumstances getting any worse? How you ever watched a sunny day transform to a thunderstorm while you were still dancing in the meadows? Has life so happened to you, you just wanted to say enough and give in? Yet in all the darkness and gloom, there is a light that shines so brightly if only you would pull back the curtains and blinds of self-pity and let it flood in.

I can hear someone snicker and say “easier said than done!” I tell you, I am in one of those moments as l write this and I refuse to be put down. Maybe one day I’ll tell the story of the true predicament I am in at the moment, maybe one day. However there are two things I can do. Sit back and let depression take its toll on me or stand up and scream I have hope!

I am hacking life’s lemon into lemonade by dumping that situation into the blender of the word of God and drinking the sweet juice that flows from the throne of grace and mercy. I’m not sorry to raise a church up in here because when things get this bad, mate that’s the only place you can go and have your joy restored.

Start by being thankful for the things you already have; being healthy with all your organs functioning normally, having friends and family that truly care about you, being able to sleep and actually wake up, having some shelter from the rain – count your blessings.

If all these good things have happened to you without any input from your power or effort, then nothing stops more great things from happening to you.

Someone said life happens but it’s how you react to it that counts. In my case, I choose to walk by faith and not by sight. My sight is telling me things are pretty dire right now, so you can’t blame me if I don’t wanna trust my sight at all. My faith in God on the other hand tells me everything is going to be ALRIGHT.

Whose report will you believe? Yank those blinds blinding you right open and let the peace of God become your in-filling. This is the place I am at. I am at rest & assured that all things are working together for my good.

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