Redefining Nigeria in 2016: The Mentality

There is a mentality in Nigeria. The mentality is expressed in the view that; with the right amount of money, you can substitute a Nigerian reality mired in challenges, with a stress free vacuumed off one. An example of an excess of this mentality is exemplified by the Sambo Dasuki saga. The ‘trial by media’ has shown us that in Nigeria, we even believe we can buy a people’s mandate after we have destroyed their will to identify us. The people of Nigeria, for once, refused.

Nevertheless, the mentality is not inherently problematic. What is problematic with an individual, who, frustrated at the lack of electrical comfort in his home, goes on to pay the costs to ensure that these are indeed present in his own reality of Nigeria – albeit a gated estate closed off from the experience of the city you call home. To be fair, I subscribe to a class of Nigerians who would rather hail an uber taxi, than be subjected to the discomfort (and safety risks, I must add) of the ubiquitous ‘danfo’ buses that line the Lagos metropole. In fact, individuals who are noticing the gaps in proper living in Nigeria, and going on to address and bridge that gap are not only individuals I respect, but those whose business acumen must be lauded and even replicated.


The devil is in the detail. Although the internalisation of a view/standpoint that everything can be achieved if you throw enough Naira at the problem, can bring respite from the tough Nigerian living, we must be careful not to mistake the fruits we buy, with the tree we need. This is especially so, where the fruit bearing trees are not being planted right now, in Nigeria.

So; an exhortation – when next you throw some cash to ‘rent’ you a borrowed reality within Nigeria, you should be prepared to ask how much you’ve thought or put in, to systematically ensure that the reality we crave for ourselves are not bound in Naira restricted pathways, but rather, in accessible carriageways, awaiting any and every hardworking Nigerian.

Let’s think sustainable solutions.

Mitchell Aghatise.

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