In 2016; The Stakes are Bigger


Although the end of the year often brings glad tiding, it also brings heartache over proverbial roads not taken. Crumpled papers often testify of accomplishment and milestone that were never reached. Laziness and distractions – these two brothers are often rightly to blame for the promises of glory that were never fulfilled. Faint scrawls about the year’s goals are painful reminders of potential untapped. How quickly 365days go by, this point is seen only with hindsight’s benefit.

This is what happens for some: before the euphoria of New Year’s resolutions settle, 3 months of 2016 may have escaped. A brief pause to reassess your goals and the manic schedule you have and it’s already July. Say you now snap back to your senses and now decide to ‘actively pursue’ – with all the attendant sacrifice: November is already knocking at the door. At this juncture, you are wondering how 2016 hurried by so fast!

Although this is common to many people, (not many can claim they have never been victims). 2016 is not a year that affords you this luxury. In 2016, what you write is important – if not for yourself, at least for the sake of country. You see, 2016 is looking very bleak for the youths of Nigeria. Nigeria’s currency, the Naira, is in freefall. For young businesspersons, access to foreign exchange is virtually impossible. The price of crude oil per barrel is not helping the economy of Nigeria and this has led, most alarmingly, to many states being unable to pay their civil servants their salaries. This cash strap has led to calls for reduction in the already miserly minimum wage of N18,000. I appreciate that, this is not the time to roll-call the problems of Nigeria. Nevertheless, this prologue was important in order to show that, young persons in 2016 Nigeria have no leeway to fail on their schemes for 2016 – well at least not to those notorious brothers: Laziness and Distraction. You have one bullet to save yourself, and by extension your country: you cannot afford to miss – you cannot.

At CreativityTurf, like several other Nigerians, we are not particularly pleased at the forecasts for 2016 Nigeria. Bet we have accepted, with alacrity, the 2016 challenge. It is important to realise that there is no such thing as failure. Failure occurs when you let missed goals define you. It takes both the event and the party to accept the event as failure, for failure to exist. Chinua Achebe writing about Okonkwo in ‘Things fall Apart’ spoke of how Okonkwo said yes so forcefully that his Chi had to agree – surely, you must do same with your dreams. Aeschylus notes that:”when a man is willing and eager, the gods join in”. In essence, please take every setback you had in 2015 and channel it into your 2016 goals. Never forget that 2016 has increased the stakes, for now; your country, your community, and the turf needs you to succeed. For when we pool our successes, our country succeeds too.

To all our loyal followers through the year, we are immensely thankful for your likes, comments and shares. We have a lot planned for you in 2016 – stay tuned!

On Behalf of the Creativity Turf Team,

Happy New Year!

Mitchell Aghatise.

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