Growing Up Sucks!

Growing Up Sucks

Yes, I said it. It absolutely sucks!

 It is really amazing how as a child, I would dream about my future. The future filled with success and greatness. That was the motivation to focus on the schoolwork to be honest, well, that and the fact that I just hate failing. The motivation was to be admitted into this future with my awesome grades.

So, I got the grades. Got the job too. Now, no one ever mentioned the annoying and painstaking process of growing up and that is just sucks.

As I am transcending from young adult to full adulthood, it just sucks. From having time to yourself to do whatever to the time being owned by someone else, who can do whatever with it. Do you know that when you ascend into employee mode, your employer buys your time? Yes, he purchases your service as well, but the key thing is your time. Have you ever stopped to consider “why do I have to take permission to do personal things that cut into office time, after all, it is my life, I can do as I please” Answer is, it is your life, but not your time anymore. Your employer can literally have you in the office all day staring at the wall but you cannot leave because he is paying for every second between 8am-5pm.

Growing up also sucks because you have to keep your emotions in check all the time. You have to be objective and rational and be seen as objective and rational. Easier said that done. You have to resist the urge to tell people off where the need arises or fling them into the Atlantic Ocean and watch them drown whilst eating popcorn. You suddenly have to avoid burning bridges because you never know where or when that annoying individual would be of value to you. You have to place the relationship above every emotion in order to sustain its value. Plus, if you aspire to lead people, your emotions have to be in check for you to manage theirs.

Growing up sucks because it is full of what ifs? So many what ifs? So many decisions, so many risks. There is so much to consider all the time and they just keep on coming. What if you do not realize your dreams? What if you wake up at 40, wife, kids, but rotating in the rat race? What if you never ascend from the rat race? Whilst at secondary school, I had dreams. I wanted to do this and that and go here and there ‘when I grow up’. But now, I am growing up and that time is now. The fear is, would I ever do all these things and see all these places? Would I become the best version of myself? I always say that the worst thing that can ever happen to me is if maybe during a 10-year secondary school reunion, I see all my contemporaries doing well and I have absolutely nothing to share.

I was very happy being told what to do by my parents up until SS1. That was the first major decision I ever had to make. I had to decide whether to go into the Sciences or Social Sciences. I expected my father to step in and say, “Go there”. But he did not. He told me that it was my life; I had to decide for myself what to do with it. That was a very hard decision to take. But from that day, the decisions kept piling up. Till this very day, there is almost always some major decision to take.

Growing up sucks but it is something we all have to do. It is the happy cycle of life. Even the bible said it, “when I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me”. But doing it still sucks.

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  1. Dumebi says:

    Hitting the nail on the head….you have documented all my thoughts…..growing up really sucks

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