Linda Ikeji: Anything is possible

By Ojie Imoloame

As I sit down in my car en route to work in traffic, I glance through the images of Miss Ikeji‎ sharing the wonderful news of her recent Real Estate acquisition in Nigeria’s most desired neighborhood – Banana Island.
I feel only joy for her. Linda belongs to a group of people who have been told that they do not belong among the best, that they can never afford to live with the best and neither can they ever have access to the best things in life. Those who propagate these messages honestly believe this. Their minds have constructed the proverbial glass ceiling.  Linda has, and continues to break and shatter such barriers of the mind. In her recent post, she details that; by hard-work, sheer determination and belief in God, anything is possible. Indeed we agree. Anything is possible now.
Here is the article I wrote about her in 2013. I leave you to view the pictures and her story here.

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