The Audacity of Faith (Part 13)

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When Pastor Jerry Barkus, left our offices, invigorated I turned my attention, to our next move:

Due to a sad family tragedy Antony Eastwood, had been forced to retire as our lead counsel. A young Christian lawyer, at the company called Tawanda Nyambirai, was now leading our team. Over the years, I have had the privilege to work with great lawyers from all around the world; but I say this with all humility, Tawanda Nyambirai has one of the finest legal minds, I have ever met. He proposed that we should avoid going back to the Constitutional Court, but instead go to a lower court (the High Court) and seek a “judicial review”, of the Minister’s decision, since it was a public tender. We had to act very quickly, otherwise our matter would not be accepted, as “urgent” by the courts.

We also needed evidence to show that there had been bias against Econet; we did not have any evidence whatsoever. To get this evidence Tawanda came up with a strategy whereby all the documents used by the adjudicating committee, that advised the Minister had to be “ceased and sealed” by a court order. This had to be done before anyone was ordered to destroy them. Tawanda and his team made a special application to the court, and it was granted, they then rushed (quite literally), with a Sherif of the Court, to the place where the committee had been holding meetings, and ceased all the documents that had been left in the room! It was audacious, and caught everyone by surprise. It all happened in just one day, and less than 48 hours, after the license award to our competitor.

The chairman of the Technical Committee, as it was called, kept a pile of documents, in a locked drawer next to where he sat. Amongst the documents, were found correspondences he had been receiving, by fax, from someone in South Africa, directing him on how to manipulate the results of the tender… we would later present this all in court, and use it to overturn the recommendation of that committee. Meanwhile I had to deal with a very furious Minister, who could not believe what had happened! She ordered my immediate arrest.

I arrived at my office the following morning, knowing that I was due to be picked up by the police. I did not try to run away and I did not try to lobby anyone. Our sources said they were preparing a charge sheet against me to ensure I got a lengthy jail sentence.

I waited:

“Fear not. I am with you!”

The call from the office of the Vice President of the country, Joshua Nkomo, came in the afternoon. It came completely out of the blue.

To be continued….

Afterthought 1

“May you explain what an operative law means”

His question comes from a comment I made about Luke 6:38.
Let me explain it this way:
When you are at school, you are taught what we call “physical laws”, these include the laws of physics like Newton’s laws, which tell you that if you climb to the rooftop and jump, you will not hang in the air, but fall to the ground! You are not exempted from this law, simply because you do not know it.
A careful study of the bible shows that there are also “spiritual laws”, which operate in much the same way. There is a very important “spiritual” law, embedded in Luke 6:38. If you are struggling with your finances, this is a law you need to understand.
Spiritually, speaking, there are a lot of people, who climb on rooftops, and jump!
Faith itself is a law.
God made both spiritual and physical laws.
…”Let he or she who has ears, hear what the Spirit is saying”.

Afterthought 2

My study and meditations, this morning, were drawn from Luke 21:33-34. Here is a small note, I attached to this verse, from one of my own teachers. Somehow it has a message for someone out there:

“Many vacillate and are unstable in their lives because they give room to too many distractions instead of attending to the Word. Never allow anything sway your confidence away from God’s Word.
It is your responsibility to take charge of your heart, and stop yourself from veering off course. The bible says, “lay garrison to your heart, because out of it are the issues of life.”
God bless you, openly, today.

Afterthought 3

In the “book” of Galatians, we learn something about the life of Paul himself, and some extraordinary incidents that occurred in his life. And yet it was not Paul’s intent to give us a biographical account. To the extent that he did so, it was incidental to his true purpose, which was always to teach, and expound the gospel of Jesus Christ, by as he put it: “demonstrating the Spirit and power.” 
There are deep, deep principles about what is faith, how do you get it, how do you grow it, and how do you strengthen it, and most important how do you apply it. And these I have conveyed to those of you who are spiritually minded. It was my only purpose.

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