Whose Report Will You Believe? (Part 12)

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I was sitting in my office, looking at the headline of the newspapers, in front of me. One paper was a picture of the jubilant head of the company that had “won” the license. The other headline simply said:

“Masiyiwa’s Dream Crumbles”.

My PA told me there was ” a big white man” wanting to see me urgently. Even before she had finished telling me he had breezed into my office, uninvited and was standing in front of my desk. His name was Pastor Jerry Barkus, an American missionary recently arrived in Zimbabwe. After introducing himself, in a booming voice, he then told me, he had come to buy “cell phone service”! I politely showed him the newspapers in front of me. He brushed them aside and stared down at me:

“Whose report will you believe? That or the Lord’s? I am here to buy service and I would like to pay for 12 months.”

He then slowly poured out $10,000, in crisp bank notes on my table. I told my PA, to call Zac Wazara, then our Chief Marketing Officer. I directed him to count the money, and register our first customer.
I understood what was happening spiritually, and I knew that something miraculous was about to take place.

Then came the intervention of Vice President Joshua Nkomo.

To be continued…

Afterthought 1

There are only three more posts. They will all be released in the coming days. After that they will be posted on a special blog where you can read them all together. Remember this is not about an autobiography using Facebook, it was simply to help me teach you about “faith in Jesus Christ”. We shall soon return to other issues, that are on my heart, which I hope will strengthen you, even as you continue to prosper and change the world.

Afterthought 2

” shall men put into your bosom…”
When you study Luke 6:38 carefully you will come to realize that it is an “operative law”. Secondly you will also come to realize that no man can give a thing to you, except that God moves him, to give you. So whatever you receive, always be grateful for it, and see the hand of God, behind it. Be always grateful, and watch out for the hand of God, moving on your behalf.
Make this an operative law in your life.

Afterthought 3

Let me also tell you, this secret. This is one of the most important posts, that I have made from a spiritual perspective. Focus your attention on the spiritual secrets that I am conveying, rather than the story I am telling.
It took all the training I had as a Christian, to understand what was happening, and all the faith, I had to RECEIVE it. Keep going over this incident, and see if you can find its parallels in the bible; only then will you fully understand what happened. If you are truly spiritually minded, you will come to understand that we began operating, that morning: that is how God operates, and that is what it means, to “walk by faith”. This is too deep for some, but I pray that they will come to epignosis-knowledge of it.

Afterthought 4

The Generation of “greater works than these”, has arrived!

I cannot imagine a generation, since the first Church (which physically saw The Lord Jesus), that has such an opportunity to walk in greater faith, and do mighty works of faith, as this generation: yours and my generation!
Just imagine in an instant you can get access to all bible translations; in an instant you can get access to the teachings of the greatest teachers in history, and in any format that you want.

I remember how 20 years ago, I wanted desperately to see a healing miracle. I just knew it was possible, but I had never seen it on video, let alone with my own eyes. I just knew that it was possible. It took me months, to get my hands on a very poor recording of a service by Katherine Kurlmann. I invited my friends, to come and watch. We had no Internet.
Today, you can see such miracles, everyday, through the ministries of men like Pastors Chris Oyakilome, and Bennie Hinn. You can have all the books ever written by Kenneth Hagin, and TL Orsborne, delivered to your house in one week!
I will never forget how, we fought to get tickets to get into a Bennie Hinn service in South Africa. And for sure a friend of mine, was healed of a disease which had perplexed experts all over the world! It is this kind of thing, which explains my faith.
Even the smallest churches today, can provide you a recording of the sermon, within minutes of the end of the service. On top of that most cell phones can now record, which means at the press of a button you can record it yourself. I record every single service that I attend, on my iPad, and then when I get home, I listen to it again, and again. It is then, that I often get the deep understanding, that leads to an increase in faith. If you are not able to do something this simple, to build your faith, then I wonder how else you are going to do it.
The only thing, that can prevent you from growing your faith in this way, is if what you are being taught, is wrong doctrine. If what you are being taught is wrong, no matter how long you listen, or read it will not work for you; faith does not come from bad doctrine.
You are part of the generation of the greatest works in church history…. Wow, wow, wow!!!

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