When “A Storm Arose”( Part 9)

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When Mr Gary Magadzire finished briefing me he had slipped a document into my hand; it was a draft document of a new law that would be announced in exactly 5 days. It would ban anyone from setting up and operating a cell phone network even though the monopoly had been removed by the court. Violation of this proposed law would mean a jail sentence.

It was about 8pm as we parted company. Having thanked God for sending him, I moved swiftly that night:
I first went totally unannounced to the home of our lead lawyer. I gave him the draft document. After reviewing it, whilst I sat there he said to me the only way, I could save my project is if I could prove within 5 days, that I already had a cell phone network before the new law came into force. It would allow us to go back to the Constitutional Court.

Since the ruling 6 weeks earlier, I had managed to get some equipment for a small network, but it was not yet working. I would need to get it all working, within 5 days! It was a daunting task, and to make matters worse, some of the critical equipment I needed was still at the border between Zimbabwe and South Africa, 500km away.

After leaving the lawyer’s home about 10pm, I called an emergency meeting of my small team. I also called one of our contractors a gentleman called Pat Cox. He volunteered to leave for the border that very night. What he managed to do at the border remains one of the most remarkable events of the whole saga. Arriving at the border, he found that there were 23 trucks, in front of our own convoy of trucks. Now this is a border with truckers from more than 6 regional countries. Pat went to each and every trucker, and spoke to them, and they agreed to let our convoy go to the front. When Pat arrived with the trucks, we had all been up for 24 hours, since Mr Gary Magadzire had come to see me. By this time, he found a hive of activity; I had spoken to my friends in the construction industry, and every single moveable crane in the country had been released to me. My friend Christor Hohenthal, the Swedish MD of Ericsson in South Africa, had flown in a team of technicians by special charter.

We worked continuously for 4 days; I never left the site. Finally, we began transmitting cell phone signals over the city of Harare.

Once we had the system operating, and transmitting with just one base station, I called a press conference, and announced that I had a fully operational cell phone system, and invited journalists to try it out. It made headlines the following morning. And on the same day, a special Government Gazette, was published on the new law. Exhausted, we all went home, knowing that our “grandfather rights”, had been secured.

That afternoon the police, arrived with engineers from the PTC, to inspect my operations. They had an order to take me into custody, if the system was operating, but I had switched everything off, to comply with the new law.

It was February 1996, we would return to court, for another Constitutional battle, at the end of the year. Meanwhile, I would have to face extraordinary persecution, and the loss of my business, and income.

To be continued….

Afterthought 1

One of the key lessons, I want you to see from this particular post, is the importance of building strong relationships. Always seek to build strong relationships, based on integrity, with your customers, your staff, your suppliers, and even your competitors. There will come a time, when you need these people to go the extra mile for you. It does not start during a crisis, it starts long, long before a crisis ever strikes.
Another lesson is the importance of reaching out in your relationships, beyond race, beyond religion, tribe or nationality. God was able to use men and women, of all races, of all religions, of all tribes, and all nationalities. You have to give Him something to work with, through your attitudes towards others, that may be different from you.

Afterthought 2

Daniel 11:32 (King James)
“…..the people that do KNOW their God shall be strong, and do exploits.”

Daniel 11:32( Living Bible).
“…..the people who KNOW their God shall be strong and do great things.”

Daniel 11:32 (Amplified).
“…the people who know their God shall prove themselves strong and shall stand firm and do exploits [for God].”

My study this morning, is on Daniel 11:32. As you can see I have examined what several English translators, had to say, about the original Hebrew text. The key word for me is to KNOW, “yada”, which is the Hebrew equivalent of the Greek “Ginorsko”. 
There is a “knowing” of God, which all of us, can have, if we so desire, and which He yearns for us, to have of Him, which makes us “strong, stand firm, and do exploits for Him.”
This type of knowing starts with a deep contemplative study of what is in the bible, followed by meditation and prayer.

Afterthought 3

Luke 10:25-26 (CEV).
An expert in the Law of Moses stood up and asked Jesus a question to see what he would say. “Teacher,” he asked, “what must I do to have eternal life?” Jesus answered, “What is written in the Scriptures? How do you understand them?

….”what is written in the scriptures? How do you understand them?”
There are two very powerful principles embedded in what the Master said:
First of all, “No matter, the question, that you have:
“What does the bible say about it?”
I cannot imagine a serious question, for which the bible does not have something to say, about it.
Secondly, even when we know what it says, the Master shows us, that we do not all have the same “understanding” of it. And yet, there only ever is “one” understanding of it; this is why Paul, warned Timothy, in 1Tim4:16, saying “be careful what you believe”. If you have the wrong “understanding” of an issue in the bible, no matter how long you pray, or how long you cry, or how long you fast, God is not going to change its meaning, just to suit you. 

Afterthought 4

Those of you who know your bibles, will see that I took the title of this post from Luke 6:48, The Lord Jesus, used the expression, “when a flood arose”. I have spoken about the significance of Luke 6:46-49, as the key to dealing with the type of adversity, we went through.
The Lord Jesus was addressing believers, and He showed why some Christians are unable to deal with a major crisis in their lives. The “house” refers, to the life you are building; it might be your career, your marriage, your business, your health. The “rock” is the Word of God (reading, studying, meditating, and acting on the Word). Words, like “courage”, “determination”, “tenacity” etc., are totally meaningless, if they are not the outward manifestation of FAITH in God. Now, “faith is the response of the human spirit to the Word of God”, or as the bible puts it, “faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” You will not have faith, if you do not know the Word of God, because there is nothing for your spirit to respond to.

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