Choose Your Glasses | Choose Your Cause: Wild Soul’s Business Model


The future is shaping more towards socially sustainable business, which is my own meaning of social entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs now setup businesses with a social model, Marc Battipaglia and Andres Beker are one of those. They founded Wild Soul a luxury sunglasses brand that promises t
o donate $5 to charity for every pair sold.

The brand’s website allows customers to choose from a selection of good causes, which include Techo, a non-profit working in 19 countries to aid families living in extreme poverty; and Hisvision, which provides eye examinations, medical treatments and prescription glasses for underprivileged children in countries such as Haiti, where the charity built an eye clinic in 2012. Also featured is The Kitchen Community, which builds gardens in schools across the US; and Water Collective, which works to supply clean water solutions to sub-Saharan Africa. Plans are afoot to add more charities to the list.


This model of business needs to be adopted more by entrepreneurs just like Blake Mycoskie’s Toms and it sure seems to be a successful model. A few I have come across include: Warby Parker, which gives a pair of glasses, to someone in need, for every pair sold. Ruby Cup uses a ‘Buy One Give One’, for every menstrual cup sold, one is given to a girl in Kenya. Although this model has got its critics, they say the model is designed to make consumers feel good rather than address underlying causes of poverty.

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