Something Spiritual, Then Monopoly Is Struck Down (part 7).

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The court papers had been ready to file for two whole weeks, and yet I had not authorised their filing. People who knew thought I had got cold feet….. I kept praying. Those were days,when I was still young in The Lord, and I was still learning like the young Samuel, how to hear His voice:

One Sunday morning, as I left a church service, I heard someone calling me. It was the wife of a dear friend and business colleague, Nigel Chanakira. He was following closely behind his wife. They were both excited, and fighting to catch their breath:
“This morning, The Lord spoke to me twice, saying tell Strive he can now go ahead. It was such an amazing experience! I am still totally shaken!”

His wife chimed in, equally excited, “I was right there, when he woke up twice, saying he has had this amazing dream about you!”

Then he asked, “do you know what it is, He wants you to proceed with?”

Although we were to become very close friends later; at that time, we were just beginning to know each other, and he knew NOTHING about the court papers,waiting to be filed.
“Thank you, my brother. I shall proceed, immediately.”

We filed the following day.
Jesus said, “…my sheep know, my voice.”

I believe in God, therefore, I believe in miracles. When I pray, I ALWAYS get an answer; sometimes like in this case it can be quite dramatic, but usually it is whilst, I am “meditating” on a scriptures.

After the filing, it would be 18 months of waiting, until the highest court in the land, delivered its judgment. During those 18 months I went about my business. My company continued to do very well. We had become the biggest in our industry, employing over 1000 people nationwide. I had no difficulty paying the legal fees. The court hearing was a titanic duel of legal minds, before a full bench of judges, called the Constitutional Court.

Perhaps the nicest compliment I got that day, came from the Attorney General, who led the government team. He came over and shook my hand firmly, when it was all over:
“Don’t let anyone tell you, that you are fighting the government; why else would we have a constitution, if you the young Zimbabweans would not come, and fight for it? By your challenge, you have strengthened our constitution. Then he added, “it does not matter what happens here, you are going to go far. One day you will be richer than some governments.”

On 18th December 1995, two and half years after we had first gone to court, the Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe, struck down the monopoly in telecommunications.

To be continued…

Afterthought 1

When I spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast, event in Washington a few weeks ago, I shared with them a testimony based on Luke 6:45-49. I called it “when a storm arose”. Here is a summary of my points:
1. This passage of scripture is referring to two
 groups of Christians; those who “hear the word and DO”, and those who “hear the word, and DONT do”;

2. It says “when” not “if” a storm arose:
Storms do arise in life, even for a Christian.

3. The Lord Jesus said, the Christian who survives the storm is the one who “hears my word, and DOES it”, the one who is blown away, is the one who “hears the word of God, but does NOT do it.”
Even as you have read these testimonies, bare in mind that at this time of the story, the persecution that I was to face, had not yet started. I was forced into total bankruptcy, and lost my business.

The things I need you to remember for yourself, are the following:
– I focused completely on READING, STUDYING, AND MEDITATING ON THE bible. During those 5 years, I read the bible cover to cover twice a year. It was this which gave me that unshakable faith….
Don’t wait until a “storm arises” before getting into the word.

Afterthought 2

Now here is wise saying, worthy to be put into practice:

Proverbs 19:11
A wise man restrains his anger and overlooks insults. This is to his credit.

Ever since, I saw this scripture, I have tried to put into practice, this…” A WISE MAN OVERLOOKS AN INSULT”.

If someone says, something silly on this site, I ignore them, as should you. I prefer instead to focus on all the wonderful comments, that truly bless me, from the true sons and daughters of God. When I was first encouraged by my daughter to write these posts, I planned to do it only for a few weeks, but reading your comments, my brethren has also encouraged me. Thank you, and may The Lord bless you openly, this week!

Afterthought 3

As I have commented before, ideas are the most important thing you can have. You must have respect for your own ideas, and also the ideas of others. In business we call ideas Intellectual Property (IP). When ideas are harnessed properly, they are more valuable then any mineral that you find in the ground.
When you have an idea, do NOT go around telling people about them. You will soon learn how a friend that I had told about my idea betrayed me terribly, and caused me a lot of persecution. Do not write proposals and simply send them to people, including myself. Smart business people do not go around sharing their ideas, or sending proposals to people. I will show you soon, how to develop and PROTECT your ideas. 
Read on!

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