A miraculous phone call, and a dramatic return to the courts (Part 6).

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Lancaster House, was the venue, in London of the negotiations to end colonial rule, in the then Rhodesia, which is now Zimbabwe. It was there the first Constitution to be adopted by the country, was agreed at the end of 1979.

‘There is a clause in the constitution, which specifically says that every Zimbabwean, “shall have the right to impart information, without hinderance.”…. I was there, when it was adopted. Discuss it with your lawyers; I think it could be helpful with your case. It’s not over, if you have the courage to go to the Constitutional Court.’

‘This caller of yours, did he also tell you that you have to file a completely new application; one that has nothing to do with the PTC? If you want to strike out a monopoly, you have to sue the government, before a special court, that rarely meets, called the Constitutional Court.’ This was the opening remark of Advocate Adrian De Bourbon, as we sat down in his office, with my lawyers, from Kantor and Immerman. We had gone there to get his legal opinion on whether, a special application could be made to strike down the monopoly of the PTC, to allow private companies to offer telecommunication services. He continued, ‘I have studied Clause 20 of the Constitution very closely, I believe it is possible legally to strike down this monopoly, on the basis that it is hindering freedom of expression. Our challenge is that is has never been done anywhere in the world; and there are monopolies like this everywhere, including in the developed world.’

It was not a long meeting, and it ended by my authorizing them to start working on the papers. I asked them not to file, until I was ready. And by this I meant, “spiritually” ready; meaning weeks of prayer and fasting, until I knew The Lord wanted me to proceed..

I never saw my caller after that call. He did not call me again.
Then one day, more than 10 years after the call, he called me, and told me he had been diagnosed with cancer. I arranged to visit him, with a friend and Brother-in-Christ. He had specifically asked that I come and discuss my faith in Jesus Christ. Taking my bible, I carefully took him through my own journey to believing, and accepting that Jesus Christ is the Lord. I will never forget the expression on his face, when he said quietly, “yes, I believe … Yes, I believe … What shall I do?”
And with that, I led him through the prayer of salvation in Jesus Christ.

“All along, as I watched you fight, I thought it was courage. I kept saying, this boy has courage, but it was not really courage…now I am beginning to understand something.” He later remarked.

“No, Mukoma (senior brother), it was not really courage, as people usually think of courage, mine was simply an outward manifestations, of what we call FAITH.”

He died peacefully a few weeks later.

To be continued.

God bless you

Afterthought 1

The young American Pastor, was Pastor Tom Deuschle. Both he and his wife, are still serving The Lord, in Zimbabwe. Last week, he turned 60 years old. The bible instructs us to give such men and women, a place of high honor and esteem. He was my coach and mentor, at a critical phase, on how to get faith, and how to walk in it.

Afterthought 2

For those of you who keep asking about some of my study and meditation techniques. Here is an example. This morning, I went back to one of the most popular passages of scripture: Joshua1:8. I wanted to know, why God specifically made a distinction of “success” by adding, the word “good”? It took me to a study of the Hebrew word “sakal”:

H7919. שׂכל sakal, שׂכל sakhal:A verb meaning to act with insight, to be prudent, to give insight, to teach, to prosper, to consider, to ponder, to understand, to act prudently, to act with devotion. The primary meaning of the word is to be prudent. The word is used in Isaiah to denote what was hoped and expected of Israel, i. e., that they would consider and understand that the hand of the Lord had acted (Isa. 41:20).

There are “successful” people in the world for sure, but the success God wants for you, is “sakal-success”. He wants to be successful as Joshua was successful. As it was what was hoped for Israel (Isa 41:20).

…. I love you guys, have a blessed day. On my way to America.

Afterthought 3

To have “good success” there are two things, you must keep in mind:
1. You are going into business, because you wish to use it has a tool to address a human need, that you have identified. And by this I do not mean your own need to make money.
2. You success at addressing this need will depend on amongst other things, your ability to introduce an innovation to what you are going to do, and to continue to innovate. This is only possible if you are very focused. It does not work, if you keep trying out different businesses.
To be able to grow the business you will need support from investors and financiers, and they must have confidence they are backing someone who is the best at what they do.

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