The court decision that changed my life… Forever (Part 4)

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It was January 1994, I was in South Africa on one of my “spy missions” watching MTN and Vodacom roll out the first GSM networks in South Africa when I received the phone call from Zimbabwe. It was Antony Eastwood, “The High Court, has declared that PTC does not have a monopoly over cell phones. They have ordered that they should give you the frequencies immediately and you can begin your business. CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE WON!”

Yes, I could roll out a cell phone network in Zimbabwe! However, within two weeks the PTC appealed to the Zimbabwe Supreme Court. I was stopped from proceeding until this apex court could hear the case and give its ruling. Six more months.

Nigeria had been doing really well in the World Cup in June 1994, and I was an avid supporter of the Green Eagles. I was watching them play Argentina when a call came that I had to be at the Supreme Court to hear the verdict on PTC’s appeal the following day.

The Supreme Court of Zimbabwe ruled against us and said that the monopoly of the PTC extended to cell phones. They overturned the earlier decision of the lower court. It was over!
We had lost….and there was NO appeal possible!


…and now my testimony begins…

Afterthought 1

Two things come with testimony:
1. Faith comes to you when you listen to testimony;
2. The power, the gift, the favour, or the gift, that produced that testimony is transmitted, in that testimony.

Afterthought 2

A brother earlier in the week, asked what Bible Study App, I use on my iPad or phone. My preferred App, is “Olivetree”. This is an excellent App, because I can move from one translation to another very easily, and so compare the translations. There are of course many other Apps, which no doubt are even better. Over the years I have downloaded most of the bible translations on offer. 
When I first became a Christian, I used a bible translation called the NIV, because of its simplicity, over time I moved to the King James Version, because it was popular with Pastors, and so made it easier to follow sermons. I work regularly with at least 5 translations, including the Amplified. I also work with Greek and Hebrew word study bibles, which you can also download.

Afterthought 3

When I started working on Econet, there were no cell phones in South Africa. Had the PTC not appealed the High Court decision of 1993, Zimbabwe would have got cell phones before South Africa. I acted as an advisor to the BEE group, that helped set up MTN, they actually sent a delegation to see me in Harare to come and help them understand how it all worked. 
In Nigeria President Obasanjo when he took office sent for me, and I made a presentation on how Nigeria, could proceed without corruption. He still talks about it, whenever I see him.

Afterthought 4

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet a very special young man, and his dear wife. His name is Joshua Dubois. He gave me a copy of a book he had just written. The book is called, “The President’s Devotional”. It is worth reading and keeping a copy. Remember what I said about Joseph of Arimathea.

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