Preparing For Court (Part 3)

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Always get the best people to advise you

“The best lawyer for this kind of case, is Antony Eastwood. He is semi retired, and only does cases that interest him. He used to defend the freedom fighters during the fight against colonialism. He is eccentric, but a genius.If you can persuade him and his partners to take this case, then you have the best legal team.” That was the advice of Ian Donovan, the lawyer at the bank.

The team at Kantor and Immerman, the firm where Antony was a partner, just loved the case. After brooding over it, Antony suggested that we get a legal expert in telecoms law, to advise us. We chose an American lawyer from New York, called Dr. Judith O’Neil; easily one of the most amazing people, I have ever had the privilege to know, in my entire life. She was the heart and soul of the battle, that was to unfold.

And so the team was assembled: Antony Eastwood, Mervin Immerman, Canaan Dube, Beatrice Mtetwa, and later Tawanda Nyambirai, Nic Rudnick, and young Jo McNally. At times it seemed the whole firm, was just fighting one case. We just became one big family. For the presentations in court, we selected one of the greatest legal minds our country and region had ever produced; Advocate Adrian De Boubon. But for Dr O’Neil, the entire legal team, were all Zimbabweans. It had become what the French call a “cause célèbre”. For the next six months, I did nothing else, but work on the court case. I handed over management of the company, to my team. I met with the lawyers daily.

And so we went to court seeking a declaratory order, to state that Mobile Cellular telephony, was not covered by the monopoly enjoyed by the PTC. On their side the PTC, assembled an impressive legal team, led by Advocate Chris Anderson, who had once served as Minister of Justice. He was absolutely brilliant, and I enjoyed listening to him, even though he was on the other side. Many years later we became great friends.

Exactly six months, after we filed our papers, on 24th January 1994, the court ruled…

To be continued..

Afterthought 1

I once did an interview with a major television network, which was never aired. In this interview, which was done in my study at home, the interviewer noticed that there is a whole section of my library, where I keep bibles. She was fascinated by how many different bibles I have. On my phone and IPAD, I keep even more bible translations.
Since June 1994, there is no single activity (outside work and family), that I spend more time doing than reading and studying the bible. Each day, I discover even more, and more. And I want to know more and more.
If you learn nothing more from me, as a Christian; learn this.

Afterthought 2

Dear Titus,
As you will learn as the testimony “begins” and unfolds, I ran out of money completely. I could no longer pay the legal fees. The partners at the legal team did something so remarkable, that even to this day, I weep every time I think about it. But let’s not spoil a good story. Don’t forget, I have not yet told you my testimony of faith.
God bless.

Afterthought 3

In each post, I try to convey, some principles that you can apply in the “affairs of life”, today, even from a story that happened many years ago. For instance, in this post, one of my key messages, is the importance of getting the best advice, that you can find. It is not just about lawyers, it applies to any area of your life.
Don’t allow someone who makes a comment, that is off topic, or even silly to distract you from getting something that will help you to get ahead. Notice, that I do not comment, when someone says something which is off topic.
I have a mission toward you, and it is captured in Proverbs 9:9

Afterthought 4

The Holy Spirit, inspired three of the Gospel writers, to record the actions of a man, called Joseph of Arimathaea. I have spent several hours, recently just studying, not only what Matthew, Mark, and Luke said about him, and his singular action, which immortalized him, but also what different English translations, say concerning this man.
“Tell me about Joseph of Arimathaea:
What did he do? Who was he? What kind of man was he? What was his relationship with Jesus?
Do you think he went to Heaven?
Did God approve of this man?”
In answering these questions, to yourself, don’t stray from the bible. Just stay on the scriptures that talk about him. Reading each verse, from different translations.

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