Next Chapter: My Five Year Battle To Set Up A Cell Phone Business.(Part 1)

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The investment from the IFC had taken me to a completely different level. For the first time, I had real EQUITY in the business and I was not just relying on bank LOANS.

I had to meet tight conditions on how I conducted every aspect of the business. I now had a “boss” again; they were called the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, experienced businessmen and women who took their job very seriously.

My management team were well selected; a team of the best young professionals, I could find in my country. They were absolutely the best. I was finally doing the kind of projects, I always dreamed about. We were making money, and growing fast.

Although I had worked for our national telecoms company, called PTC (now TelOne); since leaving them, I had not had anything to do with telecommunications as an industry, because my business was in electrical power construction work. I had however kept subscriptions to all my professional magazines on developments in telecoms. I knew that Mobile Communications was beginning to emerge as the next frontier. And yet in Africa, there were less than 5 countries that had built such networks, at the time. Most countries only had state owned fixed line operators providing poor, poor service.

I began to put together a business plan for a network in Zimbabwe. I travelled to trade shows, and I visited manufacturers, and operators, to gain greater understanding.

That was 1993…To be continued.

Afterthought 1

3 John 1:2 (The Message Translation)”We’re the best of friends, and I pray for good fortune in everything you do, and for your good health––that your everyday affairs prosper, as well as your soul!” A careful and meditative study of this passage of scripture, would appear to suggest, that God desires for you to prosper in “your everyday affairs”, as well as your spiritual affairs (“your soul”). “Your everyday affairs”, would include to me your career, your businesses, your finances. Certainly, this is how, I have always read it myself, but I would not want to debate it, if you do not agree; its personal, and its up to you. A deep and contemplative study of 2 Corinthians 9:8, particularly in the Amplified translation, would appear to support this view: that God wants those who believe in Him, and call on His name, to prosper, both spiritually and every other aspect of their lives, including family, finances, and health. I will talk about it more when I share my testimony further, in the weeks and months to come. I am not a Pastor, or an ordained Priest, so to the extent that what I say challenges your doctrine, or what you have been taught, do not take offense; every man to his own convictions. I am just sharing a testimony on my walk, and only hope it blesses, and inspires you, in your own journey.

Afterthought 2

If I met with you tomorrow, as a “player and a member of the Money Club”, what would we discuss? What is the biggest thing that happened in business this week?
Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19bn! This 5 year old company, was started by a young man who emigrated from Ukraine, to the US, just like many of you!
Yes you can, and you must build similar businesses. Members of the Money Club, are not discussing football results, or Champions League. These are the kinds of things we discuss, because this is our world.

Afterthought 3

The secret in running a big company is management.

Building a business and turning it into a big company, is really all about management and nothing else. If you want to turn your business into a big company, you have to master management, first and foremost.

As the leader you must know how to manage, and you have to hire good people, to help you to manage the business, particularly as it grows.

There are lots and lots of very good entrepreneurs in Africa, but sadly many of them will not be able to turn their ideas into big thriving businesses because they have not mastered the art of modern management practice.

There are also a lot of good business leaders in Africa, but many of them cannot build their businesses into large businesses, operating across borders, because they have not mastered modern management craft.

It is not something you are born with, it is a “craft skill”, that you can learn, through study and practice.
I shall return to this subject again.

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