The Greatest Investment You Can Make…

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Many years ago when I worked, as a young engineer, for a large telecoms company, I was deeply disappointed when I was left out of a training mission to Japan. I knew that those who participated in such training had a better chance of promotion, and hence a better chance to earn more money. My solution to this disappointment changed my life:

I decided that I would set aside 15-20%, of my salary to “invest” in my own training. I was never going to leave my destiny in the hands of someone else.

It does not matter how progressive your employer is, you have to invest constantly and continually in yourself and your family. So I used my little budget to buy books and magazines and to attend courses. I subscribed to international newspapers long before there was the Internet. It was through this process, that many years later, I developed an interest in a new industry, that was emerging at the time….Cell phones!

When we got married, I explained this to my wife, and we continued together, and she even took an MBA. If you are working, or you are running a business you have to set aside TIME and MONEY to invest in your continued formal education and skills acquisition. You must do this whether you are struggling or you are doing very well. You must do this whether you are starting out or you believe you have reached the top.

In those days, whenever I would say, I am going on holiday; it had nothing to do with physical rest. It was to get UNDERSTANDING of something!

Proverbs 4:7
Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

This is something you can put into practice. If you are married, agree with your spouse and create a separate account, into which you put a small percentage of your income, just for your own training and development. Use the Internet to find courses that you can do in the evenings.If you are planning to set up a business, start by getting training in business management. Go on short courses on how to write a business plan, and how to write professional proposals, and how to read financial statements.

If you are a Christian, you should already know that there is a “more excellent way”: it all starts with your tithes… But you know that already; and if you don’t, go to your Pastor; lets not discuss it here. I shall return again, to the subject of investing, in future.

After Thought 1

Two weeks ago, I met with the founders of an Online university called “University of The People”. They offer free online courses. Please Google them. I wanted to learn more about how we can use the Internet to help people get access to such training.
I also had a meeting with young entrepreneurs from Asia, and Latin America, who have set up similar online universities.
This is part of my research. I want to use this Internet to create a revolution in education. The Lord has put a plan in my heart, which we are going to do together.
You can help me by also doing similar research.
Have a great week!


After Thought 2

 For those of you who are interested in looking at Online courses and programs, University of the People, is just one example. Just Google, things like “Online courses”, “free online courses”, “MOOCS”. Coursera, Khan Academy, etc. You will be absolutely amazed at what is available, for all levels. Even if you have just a basic education, or you want a post graduate course, you will find something.


After Thought 3

Dear Prof Shoko,
Whilst as a rule, I do not normally comment on issues relating to specific operations in our group, because it is the role of management in each of those countries. Let me make an exception, because of your question:
Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, is the only operator in the world, that does not charge for bandwidth to many education sites on the Internet. They have so far, accredited more than 40 such sites. If you visit these sites, it is completely FREE. They are I effect subsidizing the cost, because they still have to pay for it themselves.
As you probably read in the local press, they have also launched EcoSchool, which is aimed at providing a tablet computer to every student for just $50. They have loaded these tablets with ebooks, which in some cases have cut the cost of the book by as much as 50%! This is a world first.
The plan is to roll this out to every student and Prof, at a university, by the end of the year.
Please visit the website of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, to learn more about what they are doing, in education.

After Thought 4

Isaiah 45:2-3 ( CEV).
As I lead you, I will level mountains and break the iron bars on bronze gates of cities. I will give you treasures hidden in dark and secret places. Then you will know that I, the LORD God of Israel, have called you by name.

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