Every game has its rules, and also a language!

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Every game has its rules, and also a language!

Many years ago I decided that it could help my business if I took up the game of golf. So, I asked a friend to take me to his club. When I joined the club I quickly learnt that there were many, many rules covering not only how you play the sport, but also how you dress and how you “talk” to other golfers.

When you were at the club, it was like you were in a whole world apart. They could easily tell that you were a beginner, not just by the way you played, but also by the way you talked and the words that you used.
If you think about it, this is the way it is for every game, whether it is football or tennis…

There are rules, that you must master, and a language that you must learn if you are to be accepted by the other players of that game! So it is with the “money” game…. Now I have shared with you a secret!

If you want to join this club, also remember that the easiest way to join a club is if you are invited by one of the established members. Before you shout that that is unfair and demand that the rules should be changed, don’t forget, only the club members and the players are allowed to change the rules. This has nothing to do with joining some silly secret societies, it is simply about knowing how you secure support for what you want to do…

The nation of China realised this simple fact and joined the club, and now they are changing the rules and also the language…

In the Money Game, there is a way of talking that will have bankers and investors interested in what you want to do, and there is a way to talk which makes them shun and run away from you, and it has nothing to do with where you come from.

I am an established member of this club, and it took me over 25 years to acquire my membership. What I have done by writing these posts is throw open an invitation to the young entrepreneurs of Africa. Each post that I make contains the rules and the language of this game…. Its up to you to learn them and to go out and play!

After Thought 1

Following these posts, is your membership. Study them carefully, “to do”! I am going to make billionaires of some of you!
Learn the rules, and the language,and go play for “Team Africa”!

After Thought 2

Last year I had an opportunity to travel in Africa, with former US President Bill Clinton. Whenever we would discuss an issue, he would turn and say, “have read the book by so and so on this issue?
This is another rule of this game, at the top.
Whether in politics, business or any other area of leadership, train yourself from today, to read serious books, and articles. If you are already tired after a few paragraphs or football back page, you were called to follow…

After Thought 3

“Before you can climb the ladder to the top, you must first recognise that there is a ladder to be climbed. A lot of people do not even recognise that there is a ladder.”
Chief Abiola speaking to me, in 1992.

After Thought 4

Dear Amah,
There are more than 400m, young Africans, requiring a formal education. There are over 200m, young Africans seeking skills to help them earn a living. The opportunities presented by education to entrepreneurs is vast. I believe the Internet will form the key tool in delivering education in future. You need to position yourself, by studying all the opportunities created by education. It is not just teaching, but also creating education materials, using the Internet. A woman who is a housewife, in South Africa, came to see me recently. Working with other teachers, in the evening they had managed put a national curriculum onto the Internet, and created a platform to teach young people. They are now making a lot of money, and they are now full time. Their capital, was what we call “sweat capital”, and they never went to a bank, just working at home on their computers. You have to find your own innovations, in the same way, as an entrepreneur.
God bless you.

After Thought 5

When you pick up the newspaper today, or search the Internet, determine in your heart, that you are also going to read Financial and Business, and Company news, with a desire to understand. Now you may not understand all the terms, if you have not been doing so, before, but you must ask people, and make notes. When you see company results, in a newspaper, determine in your heart, that you are going to read, to understand. Read about what is happening in the economy of your country, and the world beyond. Do this everyday, until it becomes a habit. Buy books, that help you understand some of these things. And if you can do a course, even better.
If you are a professional working in the business world, it is something you should already be doing. If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, it should be something you set aside, at least 1 hour per day, to do.
That is how you learn the rules and the language of this game.

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