We Can Prosper By a Different Set of Rules…

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A business associate of mine called me one day very excited; his close relative had just been elected President of their country!

But as I listened to this London based professional banker, I realised a familiar story:

He was already lining up “deals” …back home, for himself!!

Sadly this is what having a relative or friend in office or even as a clans man in office means to a lot of people on this beautiful continent of ours, Africa.

There are a lot of people who also believe strongly that it is not possible to build successful business in Africa, unless you have powerful political “connections” or are prepared to share with those who award contracts and tenders.

This belief is still so prevalent, that many who do it and “appear” to prosper by it do not even realise it is wrong.

To unlock the full potential of Africa, we have to change the way many people think business should be done.

On becoming a Christian in 1994, this is something that really bothered me, so I began to pray and fast about it. As The Lord ministered to my heart, I determined that with faith in God, it is possible to prosper by a different set of rules.

We can build and operate successful businesses in Africa without having to rely on political power and influence. The starting point is to first believe that it is possible, and to commit ourselves to follow this path no matter how difficult it may be.

God is faithful, and if you trust Him He will give you extraordinary wisdom and insight to overcome the most impossible situations that arise.

After Thought 1:

You have heard the saying, “opportunity only knocks, once”?
Well it is not true!
The Lord Jesus, said, “If you lose an opportunity, because you had to take a stand on account of what My gospel teaches you, not to do; then I will replace that lost opportunity, with one that is 100 times, bigger and better” (Mark 10:29-30).
For you, as a child of God, opportunity is always at the door, so you can afford to walk away… To something better!

After Thought 2:

You do not dispel darkness, by cursing at it, you simply light a candle ..
Ps Chris Oyakilome

After Thought 3:

The young professional banker hurried home, and was soon at the side of the new President. Virtually every deal went through him, and very soon he became very rich and powerful. I never saw him again, after refusing to work with him. But when his relative, the President came to the end of his term, many years later. The new rulers, went after the young businessman accusing him of corruption, and embezzlement.
The Psalmist (Ps37), urges us not to be taken in by this type of prosperity. Don’t fret yourself, about such people, or think you have been left behind, and will never catch up. And when all is said and done, remember the words of the Master:
Mark 8:36
“And how does a man benefit if he gains the whole world and loses his soul in the process?”

After Thought 4:

When you read the story of David and Goliath, you will see that Goliath actually had four brothers. The bible says, David picked up 5 stones as he moved towards Goliath; it would appear that David expected he would have to fight the four brothers as well that day! You are not going to succeed if all you can see are the giants in the land. There were giants in the days of David and Joshua and there are giants in our day too. You are ready to start your journey to changing your world when you stop talking about giants, not because they are no longer there, but because in your own mind you are taller! You might call your giants lack of finance, corruption, racism, inequality, hunger, poverty, sexism and so on, but remember the word says in 1 John 4:4, “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world”

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