Importance Of Picking The Right Partner: Thank You Mitchell Aghatise


Last weekend was absolutely celebratory for me. A major strength of the CreativityTurf vision -impacting lives and shaping the future- marked a milestone in his life. Mitchell (I found out your dad calls you Uwa!!!!) graduated from the university with a LLB as a teenager, you are surely a son of greatness!

I call you a son of greatness because of the many things you have taught me.

Mitch sometime in June, you invited me for lunch. We hadn’t seen for a while and we wanted to catch-up. For 2 hours I listened with rapt attention to this young man. At a time I had to record our conversation on my phone to play it back to myself unknown to you. You are definitely one brilliant man. Kudos to your parents.

Mitchell and Parents

And here are a few things I have learnt from this young man:

1. Age is nothing but a number: This is a common saying, but believe me it is true; do not use age to judge, look for other parameters. For me I have found what counts, it is a person’s spiritual desire and knowledge of God’s Word and a few other things. See people for who they are. Listen to them. Learn from them.

2. To always be a believer in people: Success they say is easier when you have got a believer other than yourself. So count yourself fortunate if or when you find the first believer in your business, when the chips are down, words from them will keep you up. Some believe out of love, others genuinely believe in the possibility and potential of the venture. In Mitchell I have found a believer both based on possibility and love.

We organised the CreativityTurf Conference last year. You might not know this, but just at the time I was thinking of postponing the event, I got a text from you; asking for what you could do to make it a success. You ended it with the words “our event must be a huge success”. The keyword here for me was OUR! That propelled me! Many thanks for the sponsorship moves you made, we thank God for a successful event.

3. Stay focused and be very passionate about what you are doing: Love what you are doing. When Mitch gets talking, he can literarily transfer enthusiasms, just based on the passion he exudes.

A few words for you Mitch in your next chapter:

You are unique and your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. There is a reason you are here on earth achieve that reason. Do not box yourself in the confines of other people’s opinions, limitations and doctrines (this is the result of their own thinking. Work on yours!), follow your heart/the Holy Spirit (I know you are born again, and filled with the Holy Spirit).

Live a life of purpose; in achieving this, the most important thing is for you to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Have the courage to follow your heart (This is the Holy Spirit. He is intuitive, therefore your intuitions also). It already knows what you are meant to become. The Lord says in Heb 10:16 (AMP): “I will imprint My laws upon their hearts, and I will inscribe them on their minds (on their inmost thoughts and understanding).” Everything else is secondary.

You have to trust in God and in the Holy Spirit in you.

Be Great!!!

P.S – To The God Doubters

If I tell you, your laptop, phone, table, chair or car created itself; that it just appeared out of thing-air with all these functions would you believe? I’m suspecting you won’t believe!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. dydy says:

    Congratulations Mitch!! Heard so much about you. God bless your next move. Amen

  2. Peter Aghatise says:

    Thanks Adeolu for your write up on your friend Uwa on picking the right partner, coupled with yourself words of advise for him. God will continue to sustain your friendship and grant you both the divine wisdom to succeed in your individual careers. Remain blessed.

    1. DrAdeolu says:

      Thank you very much Sir!

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