One Degree: Too Many Choices

BY Georgette Monnou||

Recently, I have been surrounded by this one question, what will I do with my life? I think it has something to do with the fact that I have just finished my first degree and I still am not completely sure what my life plan is. I have prayed, spoken to friends and family, but the truth is that no one can determine the type of path your life can take, apart from yourself and God. When I was younger, my mother said to me that the world is your oyster, you can do and be anyone you want to be. As I got older, as I’m sure most of you are aware, such a statement is not entirely accurate. You might not have the brain for sciences, or mathematics, or humanities, so your future career is limited to those areas. Furthermore, your parents might not have the finances for your degree choice, or you cannot live in a certain country due to visa restrictions. Circumstances change, maybe your girlfriend has fallen pregnant, so dreams of travelling the world has become reduced to settling for a more stable job, with a stable income. Are your choices really that limited, you start to ask yourself?

A friend of mine is constantly watching documentaries reading articles or books about the makeup of the world, its people, their psychology. How the world in essence is created by man, the things that we value is decided upon by people. We choose to buy into what they are selling, be it, drugs, sex, fame, only eating at McDonald’s over KFC, or having the latest collection from Prada. So do we have a choice, can we break out of the moulds that society and circumstances place us in? 

I randomly came across Aston Kutcher’s Teen Choice Awards Speech 2013, and something he said in his speech resonated with me.  We, (you and me), are no smarter than the people who have created the things that we value or have come to respect in this world. He stated that we should always remember that and choose to build a life, not just live in one. Be innovative is what that meant to me, allow yourself to dream big and find ways to make it a reality. To change the world, but most importantly, your world one step at a time. I was reminded that you can choose to be different, you can ultimately decide what path you want your life to take.

At this point in time, I am not entirely sure how my life is going to turn out. What I know is what my immediate future holds. I can only pray that God guides me on this path, and that I keep getting reminded that even though it may seem like I am limited to just a few options, I should remember that not only should I be thankful for those options, but find ways to create new ones, make my dreams a reality, because the sky is my limit. 

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