Importance Of Picking The Right Partner: Thank You Ojie Imoloame


Ojie Imoloame

True friends are loyal and loyalty they say runs deeper than blood

If you want to venture into anything, go into it with someone/people who buy into the very core of the cause you are pursuing!

I have learnt a few lessons in life and in business. Make sure to pick the right person to work with.

A couple of years ago I met you Ojie. We attended the same university, lived close to each other and went to fellowship together. We developed a rapport.

After I started CreativityTurf, I shared ideas with you; I bounced ideas off you; you wrote for the blog; you did all these as a friend.

Your value was so glaring that I had to get you officially on board. As time passed, our paths had to take different turns, you had to move to Nigeria and I had to stay back in England.

With the move to Nigeria came new and interesting pursuits for You, which made your commitment to CreativityTurf  reduce.

During this period we planned and executed a successful conference; our first event. Many times during the period I thought you could have done more for us, although I didn’t mention it to you explicitly.

After the conference, we discussed and I made known my thoughts, and your response blew my mind away. (You didn’t count all you did, which on any scale was a lot, but you looked at it from the angle of the possibility that you could have even done more.)

After this discussion, you even decided to assume a more engaging role even though your pursuits in Nigeria were becoming more fruitful. You dedicated more time to CreativityTurf as the Head of Operations.

For the past five months I have been busy, working on a couple of findings that has taken 110% of my time and life. And during this period you have been fully in charge and ably supported by Mitchell Aghatise.

You guys are the best!

Even though because of me and my ‘busyness’ we have turned down a few partnerships this year; some you know others you don’t. More so that we are not-for-profit and these partnerships are more than important; you guys have still given your all.

Getting me on any medium of communication as been next to impossible, this hasn’t deterred you. Even though this venture hasn’t earned you a single penny, and you have many things earning you loads of money, you still didn’t relent on your commitment and effort.

Recognition and commendations have come from far and wide for us, because of the efforts you guys have put in.

Genesis 2:18 says: “And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone….”

Although many have taken this for when they are talking about finding a spouse and marriage; I see more!

I also see partnership and team in this verse, specifically I see God suggesting to us that for a successful venture you need a partner, one shouldn’t work alone.

You my friend have proven to be an invaluable partner. I thank God for sending you into my life.

These are a few lessons I have learnt:

•Work for a cause

•Having a partner(s) is very important.

•Pick your partners wisely. (If you want to venture into anything, go into it with someone/people who buy into the very core of the cause you are pursuing!)

•Handle misunderstandings rightly, let the misunderstanding build and not break.

•Never let a misunderstanding influence your decision.

•Consult God in all your decision; there is a higher level of seeking his advice on the next line of action.

Next stop Mitch!

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  1. dola says:

    Well done Ojie!

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