LBS…Lagos Business Sense: Does Exposure Pay Off?

BY Chuck Nwachukwu||


The past three weeks have been a drill in capacity building for me and the team at Lagos LaidBac co. @lagoslaidbac .

Building a team cum product cum business delivery system that’s truly original in our era, given our socio–economic exposure is almost a misleading notion.

Here is not to say it is impossible hence, I totally admire my buddies Jason @JasonNjoku and Bayo @technobayo who have proven beyond doubt with their offerings via iROKOtv @irokotv SPARK @sparkng and ASA @asa.

I admire the good folks at Fayrouz @fayrouz and their toil in search of the ORIGINAL @fayrouzoriginal . I truly would want to see a creative business emerge from the search that is in reality a Business and not a …

We have a little Friday splash, every Friday evening at the mansion where we let loose and try to break the mold literally. We plainly find results during and after these go on a bender / binge moments.


So what internal metric defines a novel business product cum business leader cum business delivery system?

What is the difference between countless business owners proffering Internet based solutions and the Spark group?

My motoring preference is the Mercedes G65 AMG and my business partners the Mercedes G550. Demola’s uncle and our mentor visits Germany on a business trip and returns with a Brabus i700 Mercedes G wagon. Suddenly the G500, G55, G550 seem like great cars …but for kids.

What has changed? My frame of mind, my point of reference and my perception.

What has influenced these changes? Exposure.

I have got questions…especially on how exposure affects business products, service delivery and staff. These previous three weeks have been hectic mainly because I have decided to use my team and myself as the test specimen.

Can the effect of exposure on an intelligent mind be measured, contained and or pervasive?

Can exposure to a different department help folks in other departments appreciate, complement appropriately, harmonize and or create overall operational efficiency?

Can the level of exposure ensure a better than average product offering?

Can exposure directly equate revenue / net worth for a business?

I work with really intelligent folks and in these past weeks have shoved in their court tasks that do not border on the periphery of their capacity or job description.

We have Operations and Logistics selling the dream; our products and services to stockist and merchants. Making sure our trade partners understand our services and the value inherent is proprietary. Rallying an adequate assortment of distribution channels is a core business strategy for Lagos LaidBac co. Hence if he fails we fail.

We have the Brand Ambassador managing the directing and shooting of our ongoing PR campaign the #lagosselfies

I have added Public Relations to my stated task of ensuring organizational flow and for which please believe now I have a better understanding.

We would count the organizational bruises and victories from this experiment on the 2nd of June when we hold our usual Monday meetings.

This would require a bit more than luck. Hopefully Exposure pays off. //


________________________________________________________________________________________ Chuck Nwachukwu of Lagos LaidBac the Official Lagos Merchandise Shop // //


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