LBS…Lagos Business Sense: Working Tirelessly To Create A System Isn’t Always Practical, If You Don’t Have People With The Right Attitude Towards Work.

BY Chuck Nwachukwu||


So the learning curve for a lot of us can be a really steep long curve and for others might be a quick burst around a level corner.

Working tirelessly to create a system isn’t always practical.

Creating a system majorly aids the learning process and steadying the solution flight for organizations / individuals alike. We came to the conclusion during the course of the previous week, creating the system is important but not nearly as important as picking the right individuals.

Monday morning, I’m having a fab time, mini vacation and I get an email and follow up text to say Keva Akpede @Keva_23 and Brand Ambassador had set up a meeting of the core team. I’m thinking to myself; flip; does he realize I have been working 16 – 18 hours the past week and I need this blessed Easter Monday to rest my skin??!!??

I arrive at the venue, folks arrive and preliminary discussions ensue… I suddenly realize that my core team of creative had metamorphosed to a team of entrepreneurial hit men, something most organizations would frown at. Head of the PR team is rationalizing about the cost of our new products, research and development executive proffering solutions to internal communication issues and I am left to muse.

In between myself and the rest of the team we own at least 7 businesses and with All the businesses producing relatable, noncompeting products. Also something most organizations would quickly frown at.

I have become conscious of something genuinely astonishing about this predicament.

First the down side, there is the rational fear for the organization that these individuals would spend corporate time and resource on their personal pursuits. TRUE

Question, is it possible that the organization can breed loyalty from these individuals by giving trust to earn results instead of giving boundaries which in turn diminish the creative juice in these individuals?

Next the up side, the turnaround time for problem solving of these individuals is astronomical. They are able to take the problem solving skills garnered from personal pursuits and integrate that into the corporate framework, thereby creating a transition time that’s plainly remarkable from when a problem arises to its resolved state.

Short term, this is an awesome feat, we are on a shoe string budget and need all the answers we can get to aching issues in as little transition time as possible and with as little resource as possible spent on acquiring those results. In our business case scenario, this has PROVEN FACTUAL.

Question, in the long run is this human capital development model best for the Lagos LaidBac @lagoslaidbac enterprise? Taking into consideration our corporate bottom-line is to create value not just for the City of LAGOS but for self, colleagues and consumers.

Back to our human capital development corporate strategy… the story of the Turtle and the Rabbit (read here); all I want is a win win. An exciting workplace, energized colleagues, thrilling products // results and a stimulating consumer experience.

Working tirelessly to create a system isn’t always practical, if you don’t have people with the right attitude towards work.



________________________________________________________________________________________ Chuck Nwachukwu of Lagos LaidBac the Official Lagos Merchandise Shop // //

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