LBS…Lagos Business Sense: It Takes Whatever It Takes

BY Chuck Nwachukwu||


Theoretically businesses are built on the bedrock of the problems, old bones, dead shod skins, aged enemies and stacked victories or defeats.

Technically these bedrock and business foundations are firmly sitting on the shoulders of the leadership of such business organizations. Leaders build the business on their daily personal experiences or the age long truth education provides.

This past week at Lagos LaidBac co. @lagoslaidbac proved once again the genuineness of being prepared for the worse.

My friend Ojie, informs me Monday morning about how the Nigerian GDP had tripled after recent consideration, now we are worth $510 billion dollars and the average Nigerian earning power had risen to about $2688. So if Nigeria is Africa’s largest market on paper; technically, I am rich in theory.

Generally in Lagos we live each day as individuals expecting the worse but praying for the best. That same thought has left the streets and has embedded its roots deep in the entrepreneurial pursuits here in Lagos City so easily because the ones on the streets are the same ones starting, managing and leading entrepreneurial endeavors.

So some good news, I’m glad to announce here first the successful pre-launch in a series of collaborations between international uber urban brand GelaSkins @gelaskins and Lagos LaidBac. The truth is here!! These are exciting times for folks who respect, value or want a piece of Lagos. GelaSkins is to gadget cases and skins what Zara @zaraonline, Max @maxfashiondxbor Mango @mango is to human garments. Folks, friends and family who intend to purchase a piece of Lagos with a slice of Toronto now have got the perfect gift set.

Now some not so good news… our sample items from GelaSkins were due in Friday last week at the LLB mansion. Friday ends without the delivery. The tracking application says the package had been signed off at the airport, Monday nothing, Tuesday nothing; Oh same fateful Tuesday we’re in court to resolve a slight tenancy disagreement … sadly the ruling didn’t fall in our favor. Wednesday we receive a mail from the courier service stating our consignment had been withheld by the Nigerian customs and we would need to pay approximately a half the cost of production as duties. Same customs who were accused of taking items out our previous consignment without official cause, there seems to be no way around this corporate hazard created by our government. Not to mention funds have been a trip thanks to the multiple contingencies contrived by the socioeconomic flow of our immediate market.

As earlier established, there is no standard procedure or path in business to the answer. My colleague and Operations / Logistics Exec at Lagos LaidBac co Demola @Adeleyedemola usually would sum up the business drive as “it takes whatever it takes”.

We spend the second half of Tuesday negotiating deals with a financial institution for an alternate form of funding; we ambush and sit in a meet on Thursday with an investor to negotiate a leeway for better operational efficiency; Friday through a contact, we find a government official who gives a note to the Customs office that drives the duties down from about 200% to 5%.

The world would constantly seem to end or begin for the entrepreneur especially in the city of Lagos and within our cultural domicile but one thing is certain… The resolve to progress on any front for a business lies within the hands of the leadership of the enterprise.

The words of a wise man… “IT TAKES WHATEVER IT TAKES”’




________________________________________________________________________________________ Chuck Nwachukwu of Lagos LaidBac the Official Lagos Merchandise Shop // //





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