LBS…Lagos Business Sense: Indeed There Is No Time Too Late To Reach Out

BY Chuck Nwachukwu||


At Lagos LaidBac  this week we took time out to connect with possible collaboration partners and strategic service providers.

Keeping ahead in this market is somewhat tricky truth be told, business owners trying to position themselves would have to give kickbacks, deal sweeteners and backhands {whatever you feel comfortable calling a BRIBE} sooner, later or very intermittently.

…Would have to poach, leverage and sit in circles with intelligent resourceful people in their industry very often.

…Would have to selectively approach collaboration and partnership; association and cooperation because as frequently as they come they move the business progression in one direction or the other.

Most importantly, would have to always be in peoples’ faces irrespective of the reason; for good or bad.

We sat in a preliminary meet on Wednesday with a foremost brand management company; we have realized the easiest brand proliferation method would be brand association and strategic partnership.

While talking with this prime brand with a track record of building urban sizzling brands out of Africa, something strikes me about the leader of the establishment; he meets challenges headlong, he has a clear knowledge on how brand association affects his brand and is exceedingly resourceful.

We also consult with an eccentric fashion and lifestyle space about creating merchandise reflecting our heritage but with a certain outlook to the designs and distribution method; we become conscious during the discussion the alternate market opportunities that exists by catering to this market segment of minimalists, eccentric and eclectic community.

We habitually take quality time off our daily clerical and production tasks to discuss relevant companies; collaborators and competitors. In-depth research has aided our business in no small way and has enabled Lagos LaidBac @lagoslaidbac save a great deal in time and resource.

As often as we do, we do a four step dance pattern,

We recognize our internal organizational problem / opportunities in perspective of the collaborators or competitors discussed.

We call for help.

We address the issue as a team.

We apply the resolution.

A classic case would be how we shaved off about 40% off the cost of an international shipping arrangement we have serviced for about a year and was due for the next day. We’re meeting with our financial advisor and she points out cost of production was high, same time the shipper thought was a good time to inform us of the current charges for an impending shipment. We ask our FA if she had any shippers on her rolodex… eventually it takes placing 3 calls to 2 different continents to get us that huge saver.

Reaching out is important and can’t be over emphasized, albeit to clients or service providers. Keva @Keva_23 who’s Brand Ambassador and head of Public Relations maintains communication daily with clients, magazine editors, bloggers and stylists; averagely communicating with countless customers and at least two each in the editors, bloggers and stylists category daily.
Indeed there is no time too late to reach out.




________________________________________________________________________________________ Chuck Nwachukwu of Lagos LaidBac the Official Lagos Merchandise Shop


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