LBS…Lagos Business Sense: A Better PR Campaign Always Wins Over Superior Products At The Starting Line!

BY Chuck Nwachukwu||

Business tools and IT resources are the biggest game changers. It is definitely small stuff these days to muscle competition, build trust and harness collaboration across border. 

This week we were plagued with the most usual business issue draining startups and established enterprises… Clear Brand Representation

The week started with good vibes, an investor recognising potential refers the business to another potential investor for expansion purposes. This is something we realize most business haven’t come to terms with, if your brand representation in the boardroom isn’t adequate or is evidently lacking then you might as well say good bye to probable frog leap; quantum game changing moves from board members whose input are equally as important as their presence.

Piece of cake for the team at Lagos LaidBac co. @lagoslaidbac to deliver on that one particular platform but next we have the crown to appease… Creating a good or better than average story behind your product offering is key, hence the role of the PR executive, Brand Ambassador and Creative head reinforced by the entire team.
We learn during the course of this week one important lesson from our friend and Creative head of Orange Culture Bespoke, Mr Adebayo Oke-Lawal @theorangenerd … A better PR campaign always wins over superior products at the starting line.  A truth buffered by Asa Asika @asaasika and the Gidifest team @gidiculturefest with their latest contribution to the business of fashion and lifestyle in Africa.

Lagos LaidBac co. has seen reasonable success in relating its brand story in lucid well structured thoughts to the public. Each campaign; a detailed composition of our heritage, culture and creative disposition.

Unfortunately this week we have found a leak in our promotional campaign organization, thanks to readily available Information Technology tools at our disposal churning out reports too many to absorb.

To remedy this we are currently buffering PR offline and online using all the Information Technology resources at our disposal. Encouraging retweets and sharing of circulated publicity materials from all staff on all their online accounts.

Do realize that this entire brand positioning move via Public Representation would be futile without an understandable narrative backing the product or service. Consequently our role as the Official Lagos Merchandise Company; selling the Lagos state of mind and inspiration as effectively as possible across major cities world over.

Do realize that at the finish line a superior product would always win in the marketplace over better PR. Hence our steady work pace at balancing both integral market keys.

Do realize that all things are possible via Information Technology. Therefore we make key efforts at updating our knowledge about the advancement possibilities provided by Information Technology via systems and products.

Business success in today’s hyper-complex, constantly changing global marketplace requires agility, responsiveness and the ability to innovate on the fly.

Congratulations to our buddies @theorangenerd Bayo and @maki_oh Amaka Osakwe for brilliantly representing Africa at the LVMH Young Fashion Designer Prize Competition.

Live Love Lagos.



________________________________________________________________________________________ Chuck Nwachukwu of Lagos LaidBac the Official Lagos Merchandise Shop

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