Then and Now


247 Years of Britannica

The British encyclopaedia, after 247 years of printing, will release its next issue in digital format. 163 of telegram services in India came to an end in July 2013. This morning I told my cousin to double-click, he took his finger and double-tapped my laptop screen. First and foremost I felt ancient. The images we associate with objects such as ‘books’ is changing. Soon everything in your local library will be at your grandson’s fingertip.

This is innovation.


Simplification is Sophistication

The phrase contradicts itself and yet holds true. A book or a telegram is indeed simpler than an email or e-book but factor in time and money and it is simpler to get the email or download the book. The way the world operates is changing and before I’ve turned 30, the phrase ‘In my time’ has now become applicable to me. In essence, we are becoming prehistoric much faster than we can imagine

This is progress.

A lifetime in one Day

Change is an assured constant and I puzzle how my children’s children will view the world. What was relevant to my generation will no longer be processed in the same way. 174 newspapers are absorbed daily by the average individual and 100 years ago, it was expected the individual read 50 books in a lifetime. Before I was 15 I had done more than that and I do not think I started early enough.  Yet according to the professors who study information and a very complicated formula used in calculating all of this, we are only nearing the midpoint of the Age of Information.

Google’s making  a robot army;.

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