LBS…Lagos Business Sense: Give The Market Something New!

BY Chuck Nwachukwu||

We have a way of putting our folly in the fore while being explicitly critical, blatantly unsympathetic and judgmental in the city of Lagos.

A few would beg to defer, it’s generally known that the market crowd in Lagos is very unforgiving as compared viz a viz other metropolitan cities across the world. We take a scenario and make the most of it, exploit it for unexplainable reasons. Elsewhere in more progressed societies people are more accountable not just for themselves but to the community at large; pointing out faults to make the blunder easier to better.


I would be truthful to the core, new local businesses without an air of finesse, kitschy aura or gaudy impression would not make it in this urban plane.

Here’s what works here, give the market something new, not necessarily publicly understood at the moment, have a reason; intelligent and air tight enough to withstand a few months worth of public barrage and you just might smile to the bank sooner.

At LLB we unequivocally took time to determine the market, built products, carved out a market niche and had a good reason for shareholders sake why we tow the path we have chosen. Lagos LaidBac co daily finds avenues to be productive as well as expand, we evidently live the Dream; we lead gaudy lives and act “as though” we’re beyond faux pas or gaffe. As entrepreneurs we know how this affects our numbers in the market because if people can’t TRUST you they won’t TRUST or BUY your products / into your VISION either. This factor triples, given our cultural heritage and religious affinity as Africans and Lagosians.


Case in point, Wednesday 19th February 2014, Social Media Week Lagos 14, Billboard @billboard / 99.9 The Beat FM @thebeat999fm hosted event at the Volkswagen center. Listening to a panel of distinguished business people; Kenny Ogungbe @kennyogungbe, Ms Maikori @choccitymusic , Segun Demuren @segundemuren and Jimmy Jatt @djjimmyjatt , its clear the thought pattern the true Lagos business person adheres to.

While Ms Maikori and Segun argued we didn’t have structures to handle leading the World music market, sighting countless examples of how and why as a country our idea of leadership was flawed; they seemed resigned that to obvious facts that we can’t achieve until have stepped to the plate and made provisions available to each sector allied with the music business.

With the Lagos Business Sense in view, Kenny points out three important limitations to their theory.

  • If you give folks reason to distrust you and your business in extension, they will.
  • If folks distrust you it ripples down the chain to every transaction that has your name tag on it and with our milieu in view; you would never be forgiven.
  • If YOU must build, YOU can’t be caught pulling down.

Having the Lagos LaidBac team @Lagoslaidbac work  off-site side by side  the Social Media Week Lagos Team @SMWLagos, This past week a few other thoughts came clear,

“…Lagos is full of people with dreams on paper…” Jason Njoku @JasonNjoku

“…Success is being able to influence a cultural renaissance…” Dj Jimmy Jatt @djjimmyjatt

“…Lagos is kind of a big deal…” Dawn Commission @dawncommission

“…it takes about 8 seconds to makeup our mind…” Ifeoma Williams @1feoma

“…Collaboration…” MacHenry Churchill @ihypenaijamusic

“…Social media has reduced the advertising and PR budgeting for startups to close to nothing…” Nwaji Jibunoh #NwajiJibunoh

“…Value, value, value…” Efe Omorogbe @efeomorogbe

Special Thanks to Obi Asika @ObiAsika ,  the entire Social Media Week Lagos team @SMWLagos and all the enterprising speakers through the event. Also to our friends at Trace TV @tracetv and the Lagos LaidBac team @Lagoslaidbac for supporting the move to creatively put the city of #Lagos in the fore.

We Love Lagos.



Please note that we are indeed not above gaffe.

_________________________________________________________________________________________ Chuck Nwachukwu of Lagos LaidBac the Official Lagos Merchandise Shop

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