LBS…..Lagos Business Sense: We Value Our People

BY Chuck Nwachukwu||

The new month starts almost like an unwanted, unexpected bump. The night is longer, day seems shorter and the work load piles on our desk triple with every completed assignment. At our end I am trying as much as possible to get everyone involved at Lagos LaidBac as efficient as possible, this might call for training on time management of some sort for everyone on the team since we are prone to skip lessons learnt over time in favor of newer experiences.

Its Lagos and one thing we have learnt to be, myself and my colleagues would be flexibility. We try as much as possible never to get in a fixed frame of mind creatively or with making business decisions.

The past week essentially appeared rough, our overheads precariously high, dealing with team members with personal character issues interfering with the work process, our failure at connecting successful negotiations and of course the sine qua non for our business which is to increase sales margin daily not fully realized.


On the path to resolving these we have had to come up with actions which we would implement piecemeal and then slowly introduce mainstream if successful; actions which include

  1. Introducing items with a slightly different, more assorted demographic as market target, as this would increase our market share.
  2. Arming marketing executives with POS systems; asides aiding accountability, would we envisage would prompt consumers to purchase and pay more items.
  3. We have a skill for not being able to keep complacent people so we let go of some team members and conducting an impromptu reassessment of our people.

Practically it’s impossible to justify spending on overheads and getting no return from staff and processes. We do not have the resource and time other publicly owned companies have so we are conscious not to dilly-dally on the inanimate. We aren’t completely mindful of every naira spent; we realize a great deal the risk involved with over relying on the “Golden eggs” and losing sight of the Geese that laid them. In essence we take every aspect of our business seriously and more seriously for us are the values and valued resources (the team).

In our experience, capacity building is key. Everyone on the team is a leader and as such we hope that those skills come to play with tasks handled. The ideas and actions highlighted above were from my colleagues in unrelated departments. We encourage team members to read extensively, research on other brands and related businesses and more importantly share with the team positive pointers from information gathered off related business and our competition.

Flexibility for us includes the liberty to help out other departments within the group, think up better ways to obtaining process flow, brand value and innovative solutions to aching issues. The ability to adapt individually and as a team to new circumstances.

At Lagos LaidBac, We value our people.




__________________________________________________________________________________________ Chuck Nwachukwu of Lagos LaidBac the Official Lagos Merchandise Shop

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