LBS…Lagos Business Sense: TRUST Is Earned By Giving Trust

BY Chuck Nwachukwu||


Trust is a major issue in building a brand. The odd are stacked against you as a business; the odds are worse if you run a business from a third world country and imagine the odds if yours is run from Lagos, Nigeria.

We have no electricity to power office equipments and production machinery, no transportation system to convey finished goods to the consumer hubs, hardly any security for life or goods, improper tax system and no implemented government regulations backing home grown businesses like ours.

We have built trust over time with the Lagos LaidBac brand; in truth you are never done building these steps. Sometimes like we experienced this past week its three steps forward, one step back.

 We have built trust with our investors, they think of our business and think of relative dividends (in our first six months we made profits of about 5% of our invested capital) , same as level of trust we have built with our clients and consumers world over with the knowledge that our products and services match international regulated quality.

We advocate trust daily in our daily work routine with colleagues at the LLB mansion; We commonly agree that we are a family. It’s common knowledge that a family’s first foundation is Trust, trust that your mate would be there for you, trust that you won’t fail at your task and let the band down, trust that in every situation we would shoulder up in unison.


The only way to build trust as much as we have encountered is by giving trust. Trust is reciprocal. In the last week we had meetings with investors and the outcome was a bit shocking, we walked off from the meetings with more than an investment assurance, we walked off with a deep appreciation for trust. We had our financials and audited account books, we had notes from online reviews, buyer reviews and we had future plans based on our recent success. Our investors said yes primarily because we have done our part; giving trusted items to the consumers who in turn have rewarded us with commendations and positive unsolicited reviews.

We had a breach of trust when 4am Monday morning I receive a personal email saying our twitter account @lagoslaidbac had been hacked and sending out spam messages to our followers… here’s where trust comes to play, Our PR exec had already taken note of the issue less than an hour after it was hacked and gotten in touch with Operations and Logistics and password was reset. I call operations and logistics at 5am and he tells me it’s already been handled appropriately. Now I feel I trust my colleagues to step up to the plate but do our followers trust us enough to believe this wrong does not repeat itself?? For those who got spammed we sincerely apologize as we also have done online on our social media platforms.

Lessons learnt, always be transparent, trust is earned by giving trust.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ Chuck Nwachukwu of Lagos LaidBac the Official Lagos Merchandise Shop

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