LBS…LAGOS Business Sense: Aligning Your Tactics To Achieve Your Goal

BY Chuck Nwachukwu||

The year starts in a rush usually for businesses, individuals and the individuals that run businesses.

We are neck deep in with production planning, expansion forecast and investor expectation loom in our present future.

Photo courtesy @danielemeka
Photo courtesy @danielemeka (lookslikelagos)

Putting everyone on the same page is a large chunk of the business process and progress, so we start the year with an intentional bonding plan for management staff and internal policy makers. We’re attending parties, playing sports, hanging at low end or upscale spots or following up with casual visits. The butt of these would be for effective communication and a balance, making the business personal and the personal business.

Event 1: Business meeting with colleagues at a nice restaurant, everyone’s early, one absent, one inexcusably late. We discuss the previous year, our challenges and successes. There’s a side by side comparison based on numbers and value, there is a huge lean towards the success. Deep down I’m bothered, this could be a fluke, a thing of chance or a lucky strike. I’m bothered because I have heard and read people predict the average rate for business success and we made it significantly higher over the bar than is expected in the past fiscal year. It’s amazing when the accountant declares a profit. We have a key phrase which isn’t our Goal but aligns our tactics to achieving our goal. For the new fiscal period its “THE TOP 20 %”, hence making certain every single action we take puts us in the Top 20% mark in the particular Endeavour undertaken as individuals and a team.

Event 2: I am taking a drive with Demola and he’s talking about procrastination. We discuss the highlights of work the past days and keep coming back to the subject of “doing it now”, complacency and self satisfaction.  That forms the baseline for our tactic and personal flow focus for handling work and play.

Event 3: We just finished a management meeting and by talks ensue, we’re talking about some mails we’ve gotten recently, why and how we have responded to a few and reasons we haven’t attended to others… While I’m beating myself for not responding to a few important ones, Demola points out something important “sieving” based on importance. His recommendation is borders on scaling every task on a scale of one to 10 – 1. Attend to those between 10 – 8, put on hold those between 7 and 5 and ditch the rest. I agree we live in a fast paced business environment.

For us, leading by example is key hence, “The Top 20 %” was managements core phase for the last fiscal year but we encouraged everyone to play position and apply it, this year it’s the general core phrase and everyone’s excited to apply it headlong because they realize it works based on the fact management achieved its goals last year walking these lines.

There’s so much to do but this entire week and for the rest of the month, as a team we would be Planning, Sieving and Doing It Now.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ Chuck Nwachukwu of Lagos LaidBac the Official Lagos Merchandise Shop

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