CreativityTurf Presents: LBS…LAGOS Business Sense

Our dear friends at Lagos LaidBac co. have wonderfully agreed to share their experience of running a business with us. We decided to feature them because they are young and they dream to be successful, they sound brilliant and full of witty response. Also, we wanted to provide a first hand voice into the ups and downs that go into running a business from there eyes. They have titled it “LBS…LAGOS Business Sense

By Introduction.

My name’s Chuck and I represent the uber premium merchandise brand Lagos LaidBac co.

At Lagos LaidBac our goal is to create and add value to the City of Lagos. Represented on 3 continents and a handful of major cities world over, we are reintroducing Lagos to folks as urban, colorful and Luxurious via art, fashion items, literature and technological products.

Great thing about LLB is that we create products that represent a state of mind, a movement, we create products that represent a truth, and we put in the market place useable products with a creative edge and cultural floss. So when next you come across some art, technology, fashion or a home use item at the JFK airport lobby, some downtown Parisian store, upscale New York popup or on the popular site that brings up that nostalgic feeling of home…there’s a 100% chance it’s a value item from LLB.

All souvenirs representing Lagos from Lagos LaidBac have an edge; a certain inspirational worth.


We represent the new face of entrepreneurship out of Africa, which really isn’t such a big deal off the shores of this magnificent continent. We reflect the baseline of most fortune 500 companies back 3 or 4 centuries ago when they started out;

                  1. Start small or lean (current business school term)

                  2. Create product

                  3. Build team,

                  4. Meet the market with products,

                  5. Source investment

                  6. Expand

                  7. Filter

                  8. Begin the cycle allover from 3 above.

At LLB we have had major success in specific important areas such as distribution, we have the standard entrepreneurial hard time with not enough cash or time, we lead daily lives that influence our business processes and decisions positively or negatively. Critical decisions made and how they are arrived at. New opportunities and Business openings open to LLB. Investors, Partners and associates have same standards but conflicting principles, backgrounds and history …Basically our daily experiences in business.

Managing these various variables would make up the core of the conversations here.

This might inspire but it’s not just meant to, the essence of these notes in simple terms would be to tell our side of the story. To tell what we did, why we did it and the outcome; helping someone understand the local business scenario available to us here in Africa, the work around and turnover time. I hope you enjoy these weekly treats as recounted by the team at Lagos LaidBac.

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