Liquipel: The Alternative To Waterproof Cases For Gadgets


I came across this on CNN recently and was completely moved by it.

Anyone who has a smart-phone knows that the greatest scare is water or any liquid substance touching it. There was a time fuel poured on my phone. I went through a great deal (Thank you rice!) trying to restore the phone back. Rice was successful but could only do so much. I have had friends whose phones became completely redundant after contact with liquids.

Watching CNN, I came across Liquipel and it seems we might have a solution to that fear deep down within us smart-phone-tablet users.  Liquipel is a specialized procedure that coats a liquid repellent substance to electronic gadgets such as phones, mp3 players, tablets and even earphones.

By doing this, the gadget is protected against accidental liquid spillages.

Find below some videos demonstrating it.

Innovation in all its beauty!

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