Nigerian Weddings and Giving Gifts, What Do You Think?


Like everybody in their twenties and thirties in Nigeria, most of our Saturdays go to attending weddings.

I’m not one to attend weddings, but in recent times I have just had a bunch of my friend getting married so I have had no other option but to attend a few.

One of the things I’m always curious about is, how many rice cookers or blenders did they get? And many times I make the joke that, with this we need to either open a retail store or start electronic business in the busy Alaba market or is it Allen Avenue (or where do they sell electronics?).

Recently a friend of mine told me about gift registry, it’s something I am pretty much aware of and I have used a few times in England, but when this friend said he was using a registry for his wedding in Nigeria, I was sort of surprised and was interested in knowing the outcome.

I did some research about gift registry in Nigeria and I noticed maybe one or two had started and closed down. That kept me thinking.

Anyways, my friend just got back from his honeymoon, and he and his wife were so quick to tell me about their gift registry experience in Nigeria.

It worked! she said; unknown to me, I had sown a seed of doubt in the bride.

There were no duplicate gifts and the gifts also arrived on the day they had arranged with the gift registry company.


They still received quiet a number of gifts at the wedding, the wife says it came mostly from their parents friends, those ones that were not aware of the existence of a registry, or are still very much conventional and still want to bring gifts to the wedding.

Nigeria is working!

Kudos to the guys at MyGiftRegistry NG!!

The wedding industry in Nigeria is a billion Naira industry!!!

Why did those previous gift registries in Nigeria fail????

My next post will definitely be on The 7 Reasons Startups Fail (If I can write more than that I will)

I’m watching out for MyGiftRegistry NG they are trail blazing in this industry.

Gift Giving At Nigerian Weddings, What Do You Think?

Remember this? A Car Gift For 2face
Remember this? A Car Gift For 2face

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