Do! We Did It!

BY Mitchell Aghatise||

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We did it!

A day ago, I sent a message to Deolu enquiring about how the conference had fared, his reply was that the creativity turf conference was a success and that all went to plan and he will send me the pictures in due course; We laughed out of relief, considering the hurdles and challenges that had fazed us leading up to the conference and indeed at this juncture, I must thank all who attended and made the conference a success.

The execution of the conference reminded me just how important it is ‘to do!’ I submit that the intellectual conversations, the connections made and the wonderful thoughts shared and lodged within you will only make sense when shown to the world. You do not show this to the world by speech alone but by the finished product borne from your speech.

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True story, I remember a few months back when Deolu told me about the conference. Of course I was supportive but there is no basis to compare what was said and what I saw actualised. There were challenges, hiccups and all the necessary hurdles that come with any major endeavour but the most important thing that helped the actualisation was this; when you see a goal, when you see a focus and you move at it, then nothing can stop you, except yourself.

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Moving Forward

At this point, I must borrow from the words of the great French President Charles De Gaulle who said “Deliberation is a function of the many; action is the function of one”.

At this point, as the title suggests it is time ‘to do’;

Do! So that next year instead of being in need of tips to break free and actualise your dreams, you will be the one giving tips on how you actualised your dreams

Do! So that, you will look back and indeed have gotten the most out of the conference. When you ‘do’, the strategies and tips learned at the conference become embedded in you, by inaction; time makes all to fade away.

Do! For the sake of it, shun laziness and set aside excuses, Do because you should and Do for without it, these lofty plans and paths you have set shall remain only in the theatre of the mind.

Do! Because the world is counting on you to do, for if plans were not done, intellectual conferences will be absent, if the world was made up of all talk and no ‘Do’ the internet wont have been born and this article would not have been written, if there was all talk and no ‘Do’ then the great inventions and great books would not have been written to inspire and guide a new generation. Do for it is the next step and Do to show us your dreams.

Further Remarks

Every first day of January, people make resolutions that they intend to stick with and two weeks into the year they often renounce these and make excuses. The advice is that excuses, although they seem logical, although they seem correct and although they may excuse are just lies that detract you from your dreams and aspirations. It starts with one excuse and the documentary that you intended to direct will never be birthed, it starts with one excuse and your dream to get a first class degree gets side-lined.

It never stops as one excuse, soon these become a sea of excuses and you forget just what the dream was.

Don’t excuse yourself from greatness… Do!

Well done is better than well said.  -Benjamin Franklin

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  1. okonkwo thomas says:

    yep…it was really awesome…Had a great time… I must commend ‘Dr Deolu’ . He is definitely a great guy. more grease to his elbow… He’s got a great mind,inspiring the young people. And to ferdy, he’s really cool,what can i say about akin, he’s just a boss and other powerful speakers…my eyes were really opened… not forgetting the iron lady, Ruth obih..she was quite tough but she really challenged me personally… once again, thanks Dr Deolu

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