Part 2: 4 Important Lessons From Nigeria: There’s No Such Thing As Being Static, You Either Progress Or Regress



Lesson 3: If You Don’t Push, Your Dreams Remain In Your Sleep

The year was 2013, Charity clambered into the once gleaming coaster bus (age has a way of revaluing and cheapening once expensive items). As new employees much different from those charity started with on her first day in the company drifted in, they all respectfully greeted ‘madam Charity’, before long the coaster bus joined into the expressway and Charity was in a deep but trivial conversation with her colleague, as they snailed along in the Lagos traffic, a white Mercedes pulled up. Charity could not believe her eyes, this was Elizabeth; Elizabeth that had nursed similar dreams to charity, Elizabeth the same one that had looked up to charity and always seemed awestruck by how big Charity’s dreams were! She could not believe it. After exchanging pleasantries through the window, Charity continued her conversation with her colleagues in the bus, interjecting with ‘ah that is my friend oh; we used to ride this bus together 10 years ago’

Lesson 4: You Might Have The Biggest And Most Developed Dreams But Is Your Work The Biggest?

On analysis of the scenarios presented above, some truths ring true, you may be the person with the biggest potential but if you don’t work and develop your skill, then you are as useless as a person not chasing ambitions, the statistics show that at independence Nigeria was either at par or ahead of several countries economically, but taking examples of Singapore and south Korea, these countries have left us in the dust as they sped off while we were arguing irrelevant things with the spectators, likewise in our personal lives, if we are not willing to buckle up and work out our goals, in a few years no one will care about the potential you once had, and as we have established that there really is nothing like staticity, then soon even your potential loses its  value and becomes more worthless by the day. Be wise. Make hay while the sun shines

Another truth from this is also that, no matter how big your dreams are, if you remain static, you really regress. It is very easy to get comfortable in the position you are in, but like charity, if that’s not the optimal point for you, then you will always look back hating your indecisiveness, also you will have done the world a great disservice as you leave the world with a lot of untapped potential, again from Charity’s story it is evident that staticity is not a possibility because in life you either progress or regress, Elizabeth once looked up to Charity’s dreams, Elizabeth woke up and worked on hers whilst Charity slept and enjoyed her dream. Charity’s inactivity did not freeze the environment around her, people moved on and now Charity looks up to the reality that is Elizabeth’s actualised dream.

If you are not advancing your goals re-asses yourself; don’t be static, for it doesn’t exist.


Mitchell Aghatise is passionate about politics and people advancement especially in his home country of Nigeria, he is presently the president of Elevation Networks Leicester.

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  1. David Duke says:

    Thought provoking article. Put in another way…one got to choose which plant to cultivate in his garden,for certainly life provides for growth.

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