5 Most Creative And Innovative Adverts In Nigeria 2012


On Saturday I was at my brother’s and I noticed my little niece kept on watching “something” on the iPad, she played it over and over again. Out of curiosity, I asked her mum, what it was and she told me it was an advert, and she doesn’t know why her daughter loved watching it.

I do love watching adverts (Television Commercial- TVC) myself; not just any adverts though, but creative and innovative adverts, adverts that serve way more than there purpose, which is:

Adverts are simply meant to encourage, persuade or manipulate an audience to either continue or take a new action.

Occasionally we do get adverts grows to achieve great following among audiences with several people looking forward to when it will be played on TV. Over the years, I have had a few favorites, like the famous MTN’s ‘Mama Na boy’.

Vodafone UK’s ‘Father and Daughter’, that aired in 2010 I believe (I just loved every bit of this advert, come to think of it, maybe it was because of this advert I switched over to Vodafone in 2010).

The very famous Guinness ‘My Friend Udeme’ (This definitely had a cult following in Nigeria).

Cathedral City’s ‘Slice of Britain’ the voice of the narrator was so catching that I had to find out who it was (Pete Postlethwaite), the poetic narration was just awesome, also it took me a while before I figured out it was a cheese advert, it was not difficult to know, I guess I just got mesmerised by Pete’s narration and forgot about the cheese.

Also Sky TV’s adverts are always worth watching, although I think I am more inclined to that because of the theme songs of their advert.

Without doubt commercials in Nigeria have been lovely. A big shout out to SO&U, X3M Ideas, DDB, Insight, TBWA/CONCEPT, STB McCann, Rosabel, Prima Garnet just to mention a few; they have done such a great job.

Here are 5 of the most creative and innovative adverts in the last one-year in Nigeria:

1. Saka I Don Port – MTN Nigeria Number Portability TV Commercial

DDB, MTN’s creative agency did a great job with this one, this commercial got millions of Nigerian talking.

2.  Peak Milk – “Kanu” TVC

 This was done by Leftfield a South African ad agency with just about its entire business sitting in Nigeria.

3. Indomine – Mama Do Good

This is surely older than a year but it is really loved on TV. It was put together by the guys at Noah’s Ark.

4. Glo – Glo Village Dance

Globacom, Nigeria’s indigenous telecom company operates an in-house agency that handles their ads. This is way much better that the Greener Pastures ad.

5. Mortein Insecticide – Stand Up To Fight Malaria

Singer Omawunmi leads this commercial Mortein takes the humanitarian angle and cleverly spins it in their favour.


Adeolu Adesanya: I share the opinion of an enterprising mind. I’m Christian. I believe ideas and innovation change the world. I’m a research consultant with P&D Allianz providing market research, competitive intelligence, and management consulting to various start-ups and medium & small businesses in emerging markets.

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  1. Fola says:

    Nice one dudu

  2. David says:

    nice compilation bro but you missed out this ad.

    1. Very nice advert!!

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