If Wishes Were Horses, Will You Saddle Them?

BY Mitchell Aghatise||

Mitchell Creativity Turf

I Sometimes wish I was older, but then age is not always determinative of experience, however I have this vision in my head of a 70 year old man, all my goals actualised and in this capacity, I write editorials and people come from far and wide to seek advice on how to achieve their goals. This is a dream not entirely peculiar to me, dare I say this is a dream that many of us share i.e. the dream to actualise our dreams.

But, I am scared! I have a deep seated fear that I am naïve and these are dreams of a child, I have a deep seated fear that this dreams will not succeed. I put it to you today that the difference between success and failure is your reaction to this type of fear, indeed I contend that this is a fear that permeates the human experience, a common denominator to us all, although expressions of it may differ, it’s an ever present fear. The view adduced by this article is what is your reaction to fear? Are you going to let the fear spur you on so you don’t become a self-fulfilling prophecy? Or are you going to falter and buckle, which is an expression of a mediocre mind-set that if your dreams are not set high then of course you cannot be disappointed?

Take a journey with me. Let’s fast-forward life, 50 years down the line, where do you want to be, who do you want to be and what steps can you take to achieve this? A caveat must here be noted, this is not an article that tells you to write your dreams in fancy highlighters (although I’m not against such). This instead is a call to action; this is a call to work; this is a call for you to educate yourself. Have you ever wondered why they say ‘pursue your dreams’ not ‘wait for your dreams?’ it is a chase and you have to pursue it, and if we cast our minds to the childhood game of ‘cops and robbers’ the object of the chase is always evasive and most times cunning, and in order to win you also have to alter your approach and be a step ahead. On the strength of the analogy tendered in the previous sentence, it is adduced that the same applies with your dreams; you cannot be giving 80% while expecting to achieve what those giving a 120% achieve. In order to achieve the dreams you have, Eric Thomas posits that, ‘you have to want it as bad as you want to breathe’

Let’s consider the obverse, indeed a lot of people reading this have probably considered I’m not cut out for all this extraneous work, as many people have often said to me ‘it’s not that deep’? oh really? With respect, I humbly adduce that such an analogy is flawed and hinges on a misguided and misinformed premise. Are you not tired of only always talking about the levels of success you want to reach? Don’t you want to be about those levels of success?

Back to the journey I asked you to take with me earlier, imagine you 50 years on, and today you decide not to saddle and sacrifice for your dream… 50 years will pass and you will be none the better, because you see my friend, ‘dreams don’t improve or develop you, you develop and improve your dreams’-Mitchell Aghatise.

Final advice and it may seem a tad optimistic for some people to accept, but don’t we all need some level of optimism? Work hard and then you can demand success (you see a demand is different from a request).

Proverbs 22:29 Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings: he will not serve before obscure men.

Mitchell Aghatise|| is passionate about politics and people advancement especially in his home country of Nigeria, he is presently the president of Elevation Networks Leicester.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Osato says:

    Fantastic write up…my best part: “dreams don’t develop you, you improve and develop your dreams”…indeed, it is never enough to be a dreamer…act upon your dreams!

  2. Eni says:

    Intelligent words from an intelligent young man.

  3. ojie KING Imoloame says:

    My Mtchell. ‘ Work hard and you can demand success’ Fantastc!

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